A Year in the Life of Kids
2000 is just around the corner. But before 1999 ends, New Bay Times looks back at all the places kids have gone this year. Thank you for coming along & come back to see where we go next year.

Holiday Hoopla

Anne Arundel County Public Schools' 1999 Young Author's Contest winner Annie Flood of Arnold Elementary School wreaked Havoc on Halloween.

Scary Halloween

Ghosts and Goblins,

Witches' Brew,

Don't scare me

But might scare you.

Vampires, Bats,

Do they scare you?

I'm not afraid,

Because they're not true!

So tell me, tell me,

Do they scare you?

Environmental Experts

Who said you can't make a difference?

Erin Morgan's second graders at Key School in Annapolis wrote to the government after they learned of an environmental concern.

The Army Corps of Engineers wanted to dump dirt into the Bay. The kids wanted their say.

If you dump in the Bay, we won't be able to swim, eat seafood, waterski, wind surf, tube, fish or boat.
Kenny Karsten, Annapolis

I am mad because you are destroying the Earth. If you pollute the Earth, there will be nothing left. We will have nothing to eat and the Earth will smell bad. All of the animals will die and so will people. It's like a food chain. When you start, it will not stop.
Desiree Blackstone, Churchton

Amazing Feats

We even washed dogs together on a hot summer's day.

Remember how?

Pet Supplies

People Supplies


Hose your dog down or wet him from your bucket. He will enjoy the spray of cool water on a hot summer day.

Watch out. He may try to shake- shake- shake himself dry – all over you.

Lather your dog up really well with the shampoo but, be very careful not to get near his eyes.

Be sure to rinse his fur thoroughly.

After your dog shake- shake-shakes dry, you do the job. Dry your dog thoroughly before he runs back in the house.

Make sure he doesn't get dirty again right away. (Good luck!)

A Journey into the Unknown

Dare to cross a mud-ridden stream.

Greet flying creatures and spinning webmakers.

Journey into the unknown.

Last year, we walked in the woods looking for leaves and crossed the ocean to hear a Middle Eastern venomous creature tale.

One six-year-old reader, Emily Kehne, left her home in Vienna, Virginia to explore the forest.

Here are her words and drawing: :

The Forest

What is for the animals?

What grows on the land?

What has lots of trees?

What doesn't have sand?

You said it! Can you say it loud?

Hey! That cloud looks like you!

What's Next?

During this time of year, many people make New Year's Resolutions.

A New Year's Resolution is a goal for yourself to try and keep throughout the new year: something you would like to change or improve.

Check out some of 1999's resolutions:

Abby, age 13: "I will not yell at Mom anymore because she gets mad."

Emelia, age 8: "I will call Mom when I get to my friend's house because I usually forget or the string on my finger falls off."

What is your resolution for 2000?

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