And the Contest Winners Are: NBT's Readers

You may recall our cover story last July 30, "Ride 'em Cowgirl - How I Learned to Take 300 Horses for a Ride on Chesapeake Bay."

In a piece that readers loved, editor Sandra Martin wrote a first-person account of learning to take the family Sea Ray out on the Chesapeake - from slip to slip and stopping for fuel.

We've had a safe trip, one for me as full of challenges as Odysseus'. But the biggest of all is waiting for me back home: how do I get this boat back in the slip which, in the wind and current, is like backing into a moving driveway from a shifting street?

You also may recall contributor Audrey Y. Scharmen's Aug. 20 Bay Reflection called "St. Francis of Summer." About her granddaughter, Audrey wrote:

She is a child of Nature, with sea-eyes and sun-burnished skin golden as a pecan's shell. She has grown up with country roads and intuitively knows already, at the tender age of seven, where to find the first violets, ripe wine-berries and fairy-rings of morels - and how to rig a sling for a crippled chicken.

We are pleased to report to you that these two pieces have just won first-place awards in the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association 1998 editorial contest. All told, New Bay Times won five awards:

The prizes will be awarded on February 26 at the Press Association's annual meeting, held this year in Columbia.

We are very proud of our prize winners and the staff work that made them possible because these awards say a lot about our coverage: We write about being out on the Bay. We write gently of people along the Bay. And we tell you about issues that threaten the Bay, as we did in our coverage of the pivotal 1998 election.

We thought you'd like to know about these prizes because, in a very real sense, they belong to you, our readers and advertisers. You, our readers, tell us what you want - and then you visit the shops and restaurants of our advertisers to make sure we have the wherewithal to continue.

Please do even more of both in 1999. Let us know what you want to read about, and purchase your goods, services and outings from advertisers you've located in our display and classified ads.

We promise you'll be the first to know what you've won.

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Volume VII Number 7
February 18-24, 1999
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