Letters to the Editor

Volume VII Number 7
February 25 - March 3, 1999

Five Awards: Congratulations!

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Congratulations on your five awards from the Maryland, D.C., Delaware Press Association. They're proof that New Bay Times is a place not only for news but also for reflection of everything on the other side of our windows. Keep it up!

-Pat Piper, Rose Haven

More Sweet Talk

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed your wonderful "Sweet Talk" article (Feb. 11-17). Some parts made me teary; others made me giggle. One thing it did was send me rushing (staggering) to the basement to go through a big box of cards I've saved through the many years. Some big frilly lovey-dovey ones from the '40s from my husband, Don. Funny, sweet hand-made ones from my small sons.

Years ago, they had big insulting ones called "penny uglies." They were awful and they were a penny, on coarse, cheap paper: awful verses. I sent a couple of them when I was in high school. One to a teacher! Of course you didn't sign them.

-Mary Knoll, St. Louis, Mo.

Help 3 Owners Share One Boat

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

Three of us have just purchased a small sailboat to be kept in Shady Side. We're in need of a simple, rational agreement that other sharing boat owners may use that covers the sharing of costs, use, labor, damage, etc. Can any of your readers recommend such a simple document three of us can use and still stay friends?

Thanks from the new owners of Tempus Fugit.

-Dick McCormack, 4613 Mt. Vernon Mem. Hwy., Alexandria, VA 22309


Editor's Note: Mr. McCormack has asked us to publish his address so readers can write him directly.

Frustrated in Severna Park

Dear New Bay Times~Weekly:

I live in the Severna Park area and use New Bay Times every week to look up movies, events, etc. I find it very difficult to do so when last week's version is still on-line. It is supposed to be current through Thursday. It is now Friday afternoon. Where is the current weekly?

This is a problem I have run into on a regular basis. Please, for the convenience of your readers, try to get the new issues out in a more timely fashion.

-Katie Williams, Severna Park


Editor's Reply: Five people spend all day each Thursday delivering 17,000 copies of New Bay Times to 400 distribution points from Pasadena to Lusby - including three dozen in Severna Park. That's our first priority because that's where our readers meet the advertisers who make NBT possible - in any format. New Bay Times goes on-line sometime Friday. One D.C. fan - whose mailed paper may not arrive until Monday - usually finds us on-line by noon.

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