A Dog-Gone Shame

America loves dogs. In a country with more than 300 million people, there are 77-plus million owned dogs. Well over a third of all households in America have a pet dog, with many having two or more.
    Sometimes that love goes to extremes, as in Anne Arundel County where Animal Control officers found 51 dogs in a Pasadena home.
    The dogs, though numerous, were not abused.
    “They were flea bitten and had ear mites,” said Lieutenant Glenn Shanahan, a county police officer who oversees Animal Control. “But their overall condition has been pretty good.”
    Other times, that love is questionable at best, as another five to seven million dogs in American are homeless, lost or abandoned.
    That was the story for one mother dog and her litter of 12 pups found in a Northeast Baltimore home in early March, the mother with cuts and bruises on her face and her ribs showing.
    “One of my horse boarders told me about them,” said Mary Schimpf, of Chester, who agreed to be a foster parent for the 13 dogs until homes could be found for them.
    In addition to listing the pups on Craigslist, Schimpf also posted a notice at Bowen’s Farm Supply in Annapolis. She is working with the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Center, BARCS, to help with the adoption process.
    “The mother is a pit bull-mix,” Schimpf said, “but the puppies definitely have Lab in them.”
    Now weaned, at least two pups still await happy homes, so does their mother, now healthy and named Venus.
    “I’m tempted to keep the mother,” Schimpf said. “My husband doesn’t like pit bulls, but he said he’s been converted.”
    Prospective adopters should call Schimpf at 410-739-9132. All pups are spayed and neutered and have shots. A $75 adoption fee to BARCS covers these costs.