Annapolis Symphony Brings Music Home

By Kathy Knotts 

After pandemic restrictions ramped up this year, the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra made the decision to continue their concert series as virtual performances, without live audiences. 

“We launched our virtual concert series in September,” said Edgar Herrera, executive director of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. “The first two performances exceeded our wildest dreams, but as we prepared for December, pandemic-related rules changed and our 70-member orchestra could not practice or perform together, making the presentation of our December 18 Holiday Classics concert and December 3 ASO Chat with Dr. Rachel Franklin an impossibility. What could we do?”  

Refusing to abandon the momentum of the successful virtual season, Herrera and ASO Music Director Maestro José-Luis Novo decided to turn a negative into a positive by “gifting” 12 days of music to the public.   

Beginning December 14 and continuing through December 25, the orchestra will present Holiday Harmony: 12 Musical Days of ASO, daily performances including full orchestral movements, special solo pieces and jazz versions of holiday music.  

 “So many families are making the tough decision to forego in-person gatherings over the holidays to keep everyone COVID safe,” said Herrera. “Watching our free 12 Days of Music, allows families and friends to unite virtually and share a wonderful evening of music.”   

The 12 streaming performances include pieces from the Nutcracker suite, Pines of Rome, and a variety of traditional Christmas carols. The performances are free and can be found at