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Articles by Shelby Conrad

Giving kids the tools they need to learn


On July 20, the town of North Beach gained a new beach access wheelchair. The wheelchair has a PVC pipe frame, making it lightweight and easy to maneuver on sand.

            You can’t miss its bulging, balloon tires. The chair even has an umbrella attachment for sunnier days.


Annapolis is surpassing tragedy with music, memory and money

Gerald Fischman. Rob Hiaasen. John McNamara. Rebecca Smith. Wendi Winters.

            Thursday June 28, 2018, a grudge-holding gunman attacked the Capital Gazette office, killing five people, injuring two and traumatizing thousands.

            How does a city mourn such a tragic loss? How do we surmount the violence and fear? What does it take?


How Executive Chef Steve Hardison keeps it fresh for Pirates Cove

Change is good. Renovating menus keeps a restaurant fresh and innovative. The old adage, don’t mess with a good thing, isn’t always true.
    Modifying the words may be simple, but setting those changes in motion can be daunting. Executive Chef Steve Hardison of Pirates Cove, in Galesville, knows this all too well.

Eight restaurants compete for fastest honors

    You’ve got thick skin, you work well with a team, you know how to handle difficult people and your job is sometimes high-stress. What are you?
    If you answered food server, you’re correct.

Your whole identity in a word

Naming a baby is an act of ­poetry, for many people the only ­creative moment of their lives.
–Richard Eyre

    So a wedding’s in your future … and maybe a baby.
    Creativity and anxiety collide in the baby-naming process. Picking the right name has parents asking what really is in a name?

Cheer your team over crushes

    Who has what it takes to be crowned the fastest server on the Bay?
    Six-person server teams registered by local restaurants compete in an obstacle-course competition, dodging obstructions while demonstrating their skill. Teams vie for the chance to win bragging rights and a cash prize.

They’re singing these songs to save lives

One Calvert County concert series has raised more than $30,000 for breast health — with no signs of relenting.


Greene Turtle switches to paper — on request

      The Greene Turtle Sports Bar and Grille, named in honor of a 110-million-year-old creature, is banning plastic straws to save the turtle. Beginning on World Turtle Day, May 23, the entire empire of 48 East Coast locations is removing straws from its drinks. If you’re drinking at Greene Turtle and want a straw, you’ll get a paper one — on request.

High schoolers take on English ivy

       Ivy-covered homes may look charming, but the more English ivy grows, the more malignant it becomes. Brought over by early European colonists looking to add a bit of home to their new landscape, English ivy is now one of the most devastating invasive species in the United States. The leafy vine climbs tress and chokes whole forests.