Arundel Lodge Corrections and Clarifications

Dear Bay Weekly:
    Thank you for the warm and thoughtful article in your May 19, 2011, edition []. Artist and member Margaret O’Brien was thrilled to be featured in this article along with an artistic photograph of her taken by Marilyn Baker
    There are a couple of corrections I would like to make, however. First of all, Margaret’s personal background leading to her involvement in our rehabilitation program is due to post-traumatic scars and not substance abuse and not “pursuit of the next high.” She would like to clarify that point.
    Also, your article stated that members of Arundel Lodge Inc. live in the building, but they do not. Arundel Lodge has a large residential program of homes across the county, and many members live in those residences. Our facility is a day program only, where we meet during the week and where we offer classes, therapy, a clinic, vocational and other services to the members.
    Again, thank you for the thoughtful article and for clarifying these points.

–Deede Miller, Open Eye Gallery Coordinator and Instructor.