Bay Weekly’s New Spring Look

Do you remember, back in grade school, when the weather turned warm and you got to sport those new spring clothes? Maybe it was a fresh Easter outfit—something pastel. Or maybe it was a new pair of shoes, bought after boots season when it became evident there was no way your feet could squeeze into last year’s pair.

There’s something energizing about heading out in a light jacket and some new spring shoes. You just walk a little lighter. The season brings more daylight, bright blooms and the feel of a fresh start after slogging through winter.

            Here at Bay Weekly, we’re feeling that springtime energy. Only, instead of flaunting our Easter best in robin’s egg blue and lilac purple, we’re sporting a brand-new website.

            If you’ve been reading along since Bay Weekly joined Chesapeake Bay Media in January, you’ve certainly noticed we have freshened up the paper with a new aesthetic. We aim to bring you the same local content, events calendar, and entertainment that have always compelled you to pick up a copy —but we’re presenting it with a vibrant new look.

            Beginning this week, the 2020 refresh extends to our website, Take a quick look, and you’ll find a more user-friendly, informative online experience.

            Managing editor Kathy Knotts says, “The website now matches with our new style and better aligns us with our parent company, Chesapeake Bay Media (”

            You’re probably thinking, Well, that’s nice, but what’s the new website going to do for ME?

            Knotts points out that the site’s clean look and larger font make the posted stories easier to find and easier to read. On the just-launched site, people can post events to the online calendar without having to sign up for a user account. And thanks to the organic flow of content between Chesapeake Bay Media’s Bay Weekly paper, Bay Bulletin news site, and Chesapeake Bay Magazine, you’ll have access to even more Bay stories.

            Can the feeling of launching a new website really compare to bouncing along in new sneakers, watching daffodils and crocuses push up from the dirt? Maybe it’s a stretch: daffodils are pretty great.

            But we do think you’ll find the new to be a breath of fresh air.