Bring on Political Signs, Season

Dear Bay Weekly:


Thanks for the heads up about the coming electoral season in your Letter from the Editor, “Signs of the Times” [July 15]. I’ve enjoyed the dueling yard signs in my neighborhood over the years during election time, both as spectator and participant.


In my days of working for Alaskan politicians, trinket giveaways were also part of campaigning. Sewing kits, playing cards, key chains and berry buckets — all sporting the candidates’ names, of course. In my home for years, the bright yellow rubber grip used to open jars was referred to simply by the candidate’s name emblazoned across the mitt.


Bring on the political season and yard signs! It’s an “American right” as you remind us. Follow local laws about display of signs, and let the dueling begin.

–M.L. Faunce, Churchton