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Colin Rees explores changing seasons
     Birds led Colin Rees — a former environmental advisor for the World Bank — to Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. There he discovered a wider love, of the natural world, so strong it led to his latest book, Nature’s Calendar: A Year in the Life of a Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Hoisting sails teaches life skills

    As the Woodwind drifted from the sunlit waters of the Annapolis marina, seven young sailors prepared to sail the 74-foot schooner into the Chesapeake Bay and back.      The crew — a mix of preteen boys and girls garbed in bright-green T-shirts — hailed from Brendan Sailing, a local school teaching life skills to children with learning differences. Many of the children have autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory ­thinking globally, acting locally

How long does it take for a common plastic straw — the kind familiar to customers in virtually every restaurant, café and coffee shop — to disintegrate once it’s used and discarded?     Six months? One year? Three years? Ten years?     The right answer, says marine biologist Helen Bailey, is an astonishing average of 200 years.

Pickleball provides the tennis-type workout without all the stress on the knees from running

What are they doing? That’s what I wondered — as you might, too — about the volleying game going on at North Beach Community Center’s gymnasium. Your eyes tell your brain that something seems off about the game underway here — and across the nation.     Ping-pong has lost its table, racquetball has knocked down its walls, badminton has become bird-less or the tennis court has shrunk to a quarter of its size. It’s quite the pickle to describe exactly what this game is.

DaJuan Gay refused to give up

After a two-year battle to win a seat, DaJuan Gay, 22, was sworn in on Monday, July 8, 2019.     DaJuan is the youngest city council member in Annapolis history upon winning the special election for Ward 6 with a write-in campaign, for whom any Ward 6 resident regardless of political party could vote.     Gay first ran for the council seat 2017, at the age of 19, losing to ­Shaneka Henson.

Mallows Bay awarded distinction

It’s almost official. Maryland’s Mallows Bay will be the first new national marine sanctuary in almost 20 years. On July 8, the designation was announced by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the state of Maryland and Charles County. As what’s working behind the scenes here is bureaucracy at its best, the sanctuary designation will not be effective until after 45 more days of continuous session of Congress.

Accident damages Angelina’s

Angelina’s Italian Kitchen in Edgewater isn’t a drive-thru restaurant. But one unlucky motorist almost turned it into one earlier this month.     Saturday evening, July 6, a motorist visiting the neighboring nail salon put his car into drive instead of reverse and drove into the restaurant’s front window, says owner MaryJo DeMilo.     “I was making pizza in the back and just heard this explosion. I didn’t know what had happened until we saw that the entire front window was gone.”

In the York River, Revolutionary War ship found – fully armed

In Virginia, researchers on the York River last week reported a rare find: a British ship from the late 18th  century complete with cannons — “a historic diver’s dream,” a team member tells the Virginian Pilot.     The ship, discovered by sensors in 23 feet of water, is believed to be the remains of the Shipwright, a British troop transport vessel. More than three dozen British ships were sunk here in 1781. Some were found decades ago, enabling the area to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

New signs help you navigate Annapolis

Finding your way along the busy streets of Annapolis is not a job for novices. Nor is locating a place to park. Even landmarks, museums and cultural districts can be elusive.     So since 2013, the City of Annapolis has had a wayfinding signage program. But not so many signs.

Add your name to library walkway

You can help lead the way for those who seek knowledge and inspiration — literally. A $100 donation to the Anne Arundel County Library Foundation gets the name, date or quote of your choice on a brick to be placed in the walkway of the new Annapolis Library.     Celebrate your family, remember a loved one, share your favorite book or mark a special date on a brick — up to 20 letters — that will stand the test of time.