Children Bring Dickens’ Words to Life for Twin Beach Players

With lines straight from Charles Dickens’ own hand, Twin Beach Players’ third adaptation of A Christmas Carol is its most realistic performance yet, according to director and producer, Regan Cashman.
    It’s also the most endearing, as Ebenezer Scrooge’s tale of redemption is told through the eyes — and mouths — of children. As the all-kid cast learn their lines, they consult with adults in the company to understand Dickens’ meaning and language.
    Many of the children have acted in A Christmas Carol before – for others, this is their first experience in a community theatre production.
    “The kids can really pull it off,” said Cashman of the 70 theatrical old hands and neophytes aged four to 17.
    They can even play impromptu, as Scrooge proved after a long-delayed entrance followed the looming question “is Tiny Tim dead?” “No, Tiny Tim is not dead,” he announced with dramatic flair. “And I apologize for our late arrival.”
    “Adults come up to me after every show and tell me that this is the best rendition they’ve ever seen,” Cashman said.
    With all 106 seats taken on opening night, this Christmas Carol is also the Players’ most successful.
    “It’s a moment in history for us,” Cahsman said.
    The production is kid-friendly for the audience, too. Two 15-minute intermissions with plenty of refreshments help keep even the youngest audience members involved.

Playing thru Dec 16: FSa 7pm; Su 3pm at North Beach Boys and Girls Club, 9021 Dayton Ave., North Beach. $12 w/discounts: 410-474-4214;