-What’s Up with the Fish Nets?

Dear Bay Weekly:

On July 4, we were enjoying the Bay and went by fish nets. We were shocked there were so many dead rockfish that we got the camera and took a picture. Is this because they did not work the nets due to the holiday? Or is this just normal net business?

–Curious boaters, Linda & Matt: [email protected]

Editor’s reply: We’ve never seen dead fish in a fish net. Perhaps readers can supply an answer?

Feeling the Power of Fitness

Dear Bay Weekly:

The words health and fitness do not conjure up images of fun for me. With that said, June 12-13’s Power of Fitness event in Londontowne had events for every interest and level of fitness. Yoga classes held under a giant oak in the garden with views of the Bay were a terrific kick-off to my day. Teresa Giordano’s amazing kickboxing really revved up the tempo. Bliss Movement with Lauren was a revelation: live drummers and an hour of dance felt like liberation. Thanks for highlighting such a terrific event!

–Megan Saucier: [email protected]

Good Times thru 8 Days a Week

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks so much to Diana Beechener for her delightful wording of the announcement of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society Inc. Strawberry Festival June 12 as published in Bay Weekly. We had 2,500 visitors and raised a good deal.

–Pamela Duncan, Vice President, Ann Arrundell County Historical Society Inc.

Guided to Summer Reading-

Dear Bay Weekly:

My husband picked up Bay Weekly’s Summer Reading Guide at Herriongton Harbour North and said, “Hey, Ruth, here’s your summer reading list.” As an elementtary school technology teacher, I do most of my reading in summer. I go to the library and pick up a stack of books to browse. I’m researching getting an electronic book reader, but when I’ll be paying for every book, I won’t get to browse so much. I’m hoping they’ll have arrangements like NetFlix, where you rent and exchange books.

–Ruth Baggs, Woodbridge, VA