Don’t burn your socks!

Longtime Annapolis Maritime Museum Executive Director, musician, former Riverkeeper and Eastport Poet Laureate Jefferson Holland muses on the toilet paper problem. 

It’s a darned good thing the socks weren’t burned this spring 

They can do much more than keep your tootsies warmed 

They’ve got another mission, here’s the thing: 

When you’re down to your last roll, don’t be alarmed 

Just think what comfort cozy socks can bring 

And while we’re on the subject: 

(Overheard at the drugstore counter) 

The salesclerk at the CVS 

Complained about her endless stress 

Her no-good brother-in-law, it seems 

Kept begging her to send TP 

Weary of his endless pleas  

She finally sent him one lone sheet 

And this she wrote across its face: 

“Don’t use it all in one place.”