Dunkin’ the Styrofoam

      You’ll skip the Styrofoam when you order coffee at the Dunkin’. The multinational chain — which most of us still think of as Dunkin Donuts — announced its commitment to get rid of all expanded polystyrene cups in its global supply chain by mid-2020.

         Dunkin’ locations in Annapolis, Arnold, Edgewater, Lothian and Severna Park have already made the switch from foam cups to a new, double-walled, paper cup.

         “As a coffee drinker, I don’t notice a difference in how well it holds heat,” says our in-office tester, Kathy Knotts.

         That makes us part of the nearly 70 percent of the Dunkin’ system that will have converted by the end of 2019.

         “The new, double-walled, paper cup is currently being offered in Annapolis, as well as in New York City, California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and our NextGen restaurants,” says spokesman Guy Rudiger.

         “We are planning to convert the rest of our locations in Maryland to our double-walled paper cup in early Q1 2020, which will be ahead of the county-wide ban going into effect in Anne Arundel County.”

         A ban on Styrofoam in Annapolis restaurants went into effect Sept. 1. The Anne Arundel County ban will hit on July 1 of next year.