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Medical Practice at the Time of the Pharaohs

Event Date: 
December 10, 2019 - 7:00pm

An Egyptian professor, Dr. Sahar Saleem, will discuss medical practice, health, and diseases of ancient Egyptians during a free lecture. She is a professor of Radiology at Cairo University in Egypt. She will base her presentation medical papyri, inscriptions, statues, tools, as well as forensic and radiographic findings in mummies and skeletons.
The medical practice, health, and diseases of ancient Egyptians will be compared with our current knowledge and modern practice.
Saleem is a leading member of the Egyptian Mummy Project and performed the scanning of the royal mummies of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. Saleem is known for her discoveries of mummification procedures and solving the mysteries surrounding lives and deaths of several pharaohs.
The free lecture is sponsored by World Artists Experiences in partnership with the Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt. WAE is a non-profit organization which bridges international understanding through citizen and cultural diplomacy. For additional information see the WAE website at or email [email protected]