Fall Fix-Up Helpful Tips

Decorate Affordably; Consign Profitably

       Accent décor can be a great way to move into a new season. The affordable way to add to your collection is to check out your local consignment store. Shop often and shop early to snag the best selection.

       Are you trying to stick to a decorating budget? Are you looking to get rid of unwanted items that you no longer use?

       If you’ve answered yes to either question, come to Second Wind Consignments.

      Established in 2009, Second Wind offers an ever-changing inventory of furniture, decorating accessories, housewares, tools, garden décor, costume jewelry, books and collectibles. Our standards are high for consignments. Every item in our inventory is carefully selected and displayed with complementary pieces to spark your creativity.

       Consigning a great way to clean out the house and make some money to invest in new pieces for your home. At Second Wind, consigning is as easy as shopping. Call for an appointment to drop off your items. We’ll do the rest.

       With great merchandise and a friendly staff, Second Wind will top your list of favorite shopping destinations.

–Teri Wilson, owner, Second Wind Consignments

Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

      The holiday season and guests go together — sometimes on short notice. Here’s how to get ready quick.

        1. Mobilize the whole family and hand out cleaning/de-cluttering assignments. Focus first on high-traffic, visible areas.

        2. Have snacks on hand. Cookies you can pull out of the oven create a warm welcome to the senses and your guests.

        3. Get the family presentable. No one expects you to be dressed up for a pop-in visit, but neither do guests expect to see you in your pajamas. 

        4. Hit play for Christmas music in the background.

        5. Do a quick walk-through of the house. Do the bathrooms have clean hand towels and toilet paper? Is there any clutter or tripping hazards like kids’ toys in the hallways? Coffee table organized? Carry a laundry basket around to quickly collect items, and stash the basket in a closet for later.

        6. Check on those cookies, before the doorbell rings.

–Mike Reilly, Molly Maid of Central Anne Arundel County

Ease Your Way into a Minimalist Garden

       The goal of a Minimalist Garden is to allow native plants and animals to interact in an attractive, sustainable landscape that requires minimal care and upkeep.

      1. Be patient. Plants and animals are on a different time scale than we are. Trees take decades to get established and live for hundreds of years. Native perennial plants require time to get established and acclimated to the ecology of your yard. Jack In The Beanstalk type plants that grow to maturity overnight are the stuff of myth. Plants need time to claim the space you have given them. The rule in the Minimalist Garden is to allow three years. Surrender a portion of your lawn grass to native plants, and give them time to reclaim the space. 

       2. Learn to love the animals. The importance of animal life to the ecology of your yard and garden cannot be overstated. Mammals, birds, insects and microbes are all essential to the health of any ecosystem. Remember, We need the animals and it is our responsibility to provide habitat so that they will thrive. What happens to the animals, happens to us. 

       3. Enjoy your outdoor space and the wildlife that sustains it. Reconnect with nature and the rewards will be plentiful. Have patience and be part of the solution rather than the problem. A rain barrel is a good place to start.

–Bill Mitchell, The Minimalist Garden

Take One Welcoming Step

       A quick way to add appeal to your house is to paint the front door.

–Carol Cook, ­president/broker, A Real Estate ­Advantage, Inc

What’s the Right Style Shed for You?

       When choosing a shed, it is important to consider style. A-frame sheds are the most popular because they compliment any style house, but the Dutch barn style with the gambrel roof offers more storage space. The Quaker-style shed has a roof that provides a little overhang that protects the door from the elements.

–Annette Wallace, Beiler’s Structures

Moving Time: How to Care for Your Clocks

       Moving a grandfather clock can be intimidating. Sometimes, it’s best to call a professional to prepare the clock to be moved. You need to remove the weights and pendulum and secure the cables or chains. Chime rods can be fragile and difficult to replace, so wrap them in bubble wrap. Once you’ve done all this, treat the clock like a good piece of furniture and handle with care.

       Change the batteries in battery-powered clocks twice a year. This keeps the clocks on time and prevents acid corrosion.” 

–Doris Graham, owner: Maryland Clocks

Come to Warmth ­Proactively

       Most of our clients are reactive to a leaking water heater. Be smart, be proactive. It’s also heating service tune-up time; check out your humidifier, too!

–Don Risher, Belair Engineering

Autumn Is Time for Pool Inspection and Repairs

       With pool season coming to an end, make the inspection of your pool a priority. It is especially important to check for damage, leaks and cracks before taking care of your fall maintenance requirements. If you notice your pool is damaged, do not wait until next season to take care of the repairs and renovations. If everything appears as it should, great! If not, you should have the issues assessed by a licensed pool professional. Winter months can be harsh increasing the already visible damage and creating more costly repairs for you in the spring. Keep your pool looking like an oasis so you are ready to jump in next season.”

–Catalina Pool Builders

Clean Windows Make Everybody Happy

      Here’s a tip! Let your wife know you will be taking the day off to clean the windows. Seal the deal by giving her a kiss on the cheek as she heads off to work. Pre-arrange for Malibu Window Cleaners to show up 30 minutes later, as you to grab your clubs and take off for the greens. After a great round on the course, you’ll arrive home just in time to greet your wife. She’ll be elated and you’ll be a hero. It’s a win-win.

–Charlie Olson, ­Malibu Window Cleaners

Remodel for Comfort and Safety Now and in Your Future

      As we have completed many projects for clients in the past, we have installed many useful tools that have helped make clients’ homes more marketable. You can also implement these same elements in your own home.

      For example, most of us see pullout shelves and mixer cabinets in design and only think of them as a novelty, when, in fact, they are so much more than that.

      Over the past year, my wife and I, the owners of Annapolis Kitchen and Bath, have been taking all of our life experiences and sharing them with our clients and designers to make our kitchen and bath projects livable homes for the future. Whether a client plans on living in there forever or selling it in the next four years, it is always beneficial to plan for a universal design that will be functional for everyone.

      Larger doors allow for walkers or wheelchairs so the user has access to as many rooms as possible. Sophisticated design features that are fashionable and desirable such as a Beach Entry Shower (roll-in shower) are not only great design features, but also make a home easier for someone who is aging in place or has special needs.

       If you start thinking about your future needs and those of your loved ones, not only will you feel a sense of peace knowing that you will be taken care of, but your home will also be more marketable.

–Duane Dwyer, owner, Annapolis Kitchen and Bath

Storm-Ready Gardening

      The Mid-Atlantic’s unpredictable weather patterns are infamous. The top 50 storms in Maryland have all occurred in the months of September and October. Property damage has included unnecessary destruction from loose limbs, untethered patio furniture and garden containers that have been lifted by high winds.

–Heather Wheatley, education ­coordinator, Homestead Gardens

Shore up Container ­Gardens and New ­Plantings

      If you have space to store your planted containers, wait until the first light frost; then drag them into the garage or shed. If you intend on leaving them out, you’ll want to insulate the pot with straw bales or burlap covering over the entire planting.

–Heather Wheatley, Education ­Coordinator, ­Homestead Gardens

Treat Your Water for Purity and Health

      No one likes turning on the tap to find the water smells of sulfur or has an unpleasant taste. Poor water quality isn’t just a matter of taste or aesthetics; it can also affect your health and finances. 

      Improving water quality with water purification systems and water softeners can reduce your chance of illness and ensure your home appliances run more efficiently. Proper maintenance of water treatment equipment is also important, as improperly maintained filtration equipment will be ineffective.

–Brian Edwards, ­president, Hague Quality Water

Tips for Choosing a ­Construction Contractor

       Are you planning to build a small storage house? How about adding a room to your house? Perhaps you want to build a garage? Whatever construction project you’ll have, you would want to DIY everything so you can save a hefty amount of money.

       However, do you have the time or the skills? If not, it’s best to leave the job to a reliable construction contractor. If you don’t know how to find a contractor that can help you, here are tips you can follow:


Get help from your local government

       If you aren’t sure what company to hire, you can always pay a visit to your local government. You can ask for a list of contractors who are verified and registered to operate in your local area. Rest assured, you won’t have to be afraid of scams anymore.

Browse the BBB website

     Better Business Bureau is one of the legit places you can look for a reliable construction contractor that will help you with your project. You can search specifically in your area and look for companies that have higher ratings.

Family, friends, and colleagues

      One thing that can help you with your search is to ask for referrals from your friends, neighbors, family members, and even your colleagues. If they have similar suggestions, you might want to consider those because it’s a sign that they are satisfied with the results.

Visit or talk to company owners personally

      The right construction company will not go after you. Instead, you come to them. As the old adage goes, Seek and you shall find. Visiting companies firsthand will allow you to have a deeper understanding and know the company well. You can conduct interviews and ask probing questions that will eventually lead you to the answers that you’re looking for.

Gather different estimates

      One of the things you should never miss out on when hiring a construction company is collecting estimates. Although it’s only a document, you’ll easily know that the company is legit if they provide you with a detailed quotation of all the expenses that you need to pay for your project.

       Don’t hesitate to ask for help when it comes to construction. 

–John Krause, owner, John Krause Construction

Take a Pantry Audit

       Get ready for the upcoming holidays by giving your pantries and cupboards a good audit. It’s that time of year where we stock up on the good stuff for all the yummy meals and treats we indulge in as family gathers. It’s nice to keep a clean house, and stay prepared but you can go beyond a simple cleaning to further reduce anxieties or stress by getting organized now. 

       Take some time to toss expired product and spices that have lost their freshness. Give away what you know you don’t really need to those who could use it — and feel good about it! Make room for staples like sugar and flour that you know you’ll be using a lot of here shortly.

        Finally, organize your Tupperware! This tip is huge, as we all know there is nothing quite like holiday leftovers. Prepare now to indulge later.

–Lucia Tucker, owner, Cleaning Maid Easy

Turn on Fall in Your Flowerbeds

       It’s time to clean up your flowerbeds. Pull those summer annuals, and plant your pansies and violas. Garden favorites for generations, colorful pansies and violas thrive in cooler temperatures, blooming in our area until December or even January. They will come back up in early spring and be some of the first color in your yard. You get two seasons out of one planting! This month is the best time to get them in the ground.

–Ray Greenstreet, owner, Greenstreet Gardens


Fall Fix-Up ­Advertisers’ Directory


designers. We look forward to hearing from you.

105 C Annapolis St., Annapolis, 410-626-8888.


Anne Arundel County Farmers Market: Regional farmers market featuring plants, seedlings, greens, baked goods, eggs, mushrooms, in-season veggies and fruits. Saturday market opens March 31. Closed Easter; open all other Sundays 10am-1pm all year.
275 Harry S. Truman Pkwy., Annapolis, 410-349-0317, Facebook: Anne Arundel Co. Farmers Market
Backyard Billy’s: Carrying the largest selection of patio furniture, hearth products, Amish merchandise and marble creations on the Eastern Shore, Backyard Billy’s is Chesapeake Country’s one-stop shop for your indoor and outdoor casual furniture needs. Patio and lawn furniture, umbrellas, firepits, stoves, grills, Asian sculptures, animal houses, pergolas or playsets: You’ll find it all here.
300 Drummer Dr., Route 50 exit 44B, Kent Island, 
410-827-4500, www.backyardbillys.com
The BayFront Vintage Home Gallery offers 3,500 square feet of unique new, vintage and refurbished furniture, including refinished dining sets, buffets, sideboards, accent pieces, dressers and desks; plus home decor, wall art and unique gifts, including personalized stamped jewelry. We are also a premier retailer of Dixie Belle Custom Mineral Chalk paint. 
443-775-5154, 133 Mitchells Chance Rd., Edgewater
Beiler’s Structures: Builders and sellers of outdoor products including storage sheds, gazebos, wood and vinyl play sets, outdoor furniture and Amish sheds manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
18811 Central Ave, Upper Marlboro, 301-218-1165, www.beilersstructures.com
Belair Engineering: A woman-owned and -managed air conditioning, heating, standby generator, gas fireplace and plumbing contractor. We’re celebrating our 56th year of providing exceptional repair service and replacement installation for your air conditioner and heat-pump cooling systems at great prices. All of our technicians are drug-screened and mom-approved. We also provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for your added peace of mind.
888-8BELAIR (823-5247), www.BelAirEngineering.com
Carol Cook, Realtor, A Real Estate Advantage: Realtor Carol Cook specializes in selling and buying residential properties, including new homes and land and lots for development. She provides clients with referrals to mortgage and title companies, and she offers property management services. For each transaction, she donates $100 to each of these charities: Wounded Warriors, Calvert County Humane Society and Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.
1759 Horace Ward Rd., Owings, 301-706-7553
Catalina Pool Builders is your alternative to franchise pool companies and cookie-cutter pool designs. We provide one-on-one personalized service from the initial project consultation to the completion of your pool. Catalina also renovates older pools, making them look like new. Whether it’s a new pool or an older one brought up to date, homeowners will get a beautiful space to relax or play. Designs are custom made for each yard and homeowner, ensuring that the pool will be enjoyed for years and years.
836 Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park, 410-647-7665, www.catalinapoolbuilders.com
Cleaning Maid Easy: Top-to-bottom home, rental and commercial cleaning, including windows, dishwashing and laundry, to your specifications, with free estimates.
5851 Deale-Churchton Rd., Suite 1, Deale, 410-867-7773, www.CmeOfMD.com
Greenstreet Gardens: In the 18 years since purchasing the farm and greenhouses, Ray and Stacy have grown Greenstreet Growers, Inc. into a dynamic and ever-expanding company. Our retail stores offer a diverse assortment of annuals, foliage, shrubs, trees and houseplants along with all the tools you will need to complete your garden. In all our retail stores also resides a unique gift shop home to a sundry collection of local goods and products. Now included in the Greenstreet family is a professional landscaping division serving residential and commercial customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Despite our robust expansion, we are still a family farm where on any given day, you will find three generations of Greenstreets hard at work, growing towards the future.
391 W. Bay Front Rd., Lothian, 410-867-9500, www.GreenstreetGardens.com
Hague Quality Water of ­Maryland: A family owned business for 25 years, Hague Quality Water of Maryland delivers innovative water treatment and full-service plumbing with superior service. We have solutions for virtually any water problem, including water softening, water filtration, reverse osmosis, well pumps, water heater repair or replacement and installing plumbing fixtures. Our award-winning service is available to businesses and residents throughout all of Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore. Call Hague to schedule a free plumbing estimate or free water analysis for a refreshing solution to your water and plumbing needs.
814 East College Pky., Annapolis, 410-757-2992, www.HagueWaterofMD.com
Homestead Gardens: More than a garden center, Homestead is a lifestyle center. Not only will you find an endless assortment of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials to beautify your garden, you will find everything you need for outdoor living — from relaxing to playing, grilling and dining, entertaining and beyond — including a full-service Landscape Design/Build Division. From the foundation to the finishing touch, Homestead Gardens can help turn your yard into an extension of your home.
743 W. Central Ave., Davidsonville, 410-798-5000
522 Ritchie Hwy., Severna Park, 410-384-7966
Independent Tree Care: Dedicated to saving trees, Steven Graham of Independent Tree Care, LLC is a Maryland-Licensed Tree Expert and an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. In addition to assessing trees, he offers pruning and planting services. When deemed necessary, he will also remove trees.
202-351-8293, [email protected]
Jeanne Sears, Realtor: I am celebrating my 42nd year as a full-time award-winning Realtor, servicing Anne Arundel and Montgomery counties and D.C. For you, my seller or buyer, on your most important transaction, I provide the timely personal attention you deserve. My clients are mostly past customers or referrals from those I have worked with in the past.
John Krause Construction & Landscaping: John Krause is a lifelong resident of Maryland with more than 30 years’ experience. As well as building exceptional custom homes, Kraus is a home-remodeling and improvement contractor for roofing, siding, replacement windows, decks, kitchens, baths, basements, sunrooms, additions and landscaping. John Krause Construction, Inc. is an unparalleled team of professionals dedicated to custom home design and building. We offer superlative custom building and remodeling improvement, tailored to your needs, wants and dreams. We are passionate about our client relationships and this is reflected in all that we do. From the in-house design process, interior and exterior customization and artisanal craftsmanship to the professional management and accurate fixed pricing, our aim is your total satisfaction with your new home, architectural restoration or home remodeling project. Serving Southern Maryland, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges and St. Mary’s counties.
11519 H.G. Trueman Rd., Lusby, 443-404-5284,
Karen Guess, Senior Loan Officer, Benchmark Mortgage: My area of expertise is satisfying the borrower by providing different options and being there one-on-one. I believe a borrower is an important individual with who we can develop a relationship. I have worked in mortgage banking for more than 30 years, and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.
Annapolis, 301-520-9454, [email protected],
Magnolia Shoppe: We make shopping a personal and enjoyable experience. We aim to fulfill your home décor and gift-buying needs with sounds to soothe, samples to taste, fragrances to remember, textures to comfort and colors to entice. Our mission is to offer stylish and affordable home furnishings and accessories for everyday enjoyment and seasonal celebrations. Our services include gift certificates, lay-away, gift-wrapping and a gift registry.
2 W. Friendship Rd., Friendship, 410-257-7510, ­[email protected]
Malibu Window Cleaning has been serving Annapolis residents and businesses for over five years. We hope you’ll be our next customer. Our commercial properties include the U.S. Naval Academy, St Mary’s Catholic School, the Maryland Inns and Pyramid Builders.
7 Old Riverview Ave., Annapolis, 410-263-1910,
Maryland Clock Company: With more than 50 years of experience and customers nationwide, Maryland Clock Company is recognized as the leader in antique clock repair. Conveniently located in Davidsonville, we clean and repair modern and antique clocks of every variety. We offer free in-shop estimates, and all our work is guaranteed for one year.
1251 W. Central Ave., Davidsonville, 410-798-6380, www.Marylandclockco.com
Maryland Paint & Decorating is a customer-service-oriented dealer in paint, wallpaper, window treatments and accessories. We offer both in-store and in-home color consultations, along with hourly design services with our interior designer, Alexandra Small, Allied ASID. We are happy to order samples and have them sent directly to your home.
209 Chinquapin Round Rd., Annapolis, 410-280-2225, www.mdpaint.com
Minimalist Garden: Where formal landscaping ends, the Minimalist Garden begins. Sensible, sustainable, cost-effective environmental services. Rain barrel Installation and monitoring service, Natural area cleanup and management service, LCF* (low carbon footprint) landscaping service.
703-628-0927, [email protected]
Molly Maid of Central Anne Arundel County: Welcome to MOLLY MAID of Central Anne Arundel County, where we believe earning your trust is just as important as a clean home. That is why we perform every clean according to the needs of our customers and offer our 24-hour clean guarantee. We are looking forward to making your home sparkling clean while giving you back some of the free time you deserve. After all, we’re maid for this. Professional quality, affordable price, fully insured, no ­contracts.
410-349-8080, www.mollymaid.com
R & D Cross: Family owned and operated, R&D Cross, Inc. began in 1927 as a small business in a one-room building in Brandywine serving its immediate community with farm, garden and tobacco-growing products. In 2001, R & D Cross expanded by purchasing the Southern States Cooperative serving that community since 1939. Today, the Brandywine location works directly with you and Amish craftsmen to construct custom buildings to your specifications. The Upper Marlboro location offers gas, wood and pellet stoves and fireplaces plus full-service sales, service and installation fireplace designs.
13801 Martin Road, Brandywine, 301-579-2449; 
15610 Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, 301-627-4411
Schwartz Realty has been serving Southern Anne Arundel County for over 65 years. Our reputation and excellent service to the community have kept us the No. 1 real estate company year after year. We’ve been voted the Best of the Bay for five consecutive years. We promise professional, personal and knowledgeable guidance as you go through the process of buying or selling your home. In addition to getting the highest quality guidance and expertise regarding the local real estate market, you are also working with a local family-owned business with agents who are here to answer any questions you have. We are part of the community and take great pride in the service we provide.
5801 Deale-Churchton Rd., Deale, 410-867-9700, 
301-261-9700, www.schwartzrealty.com
Second Wind Consignments: Voted Best Consignment Shop by Bay Weekly readers for the past six years, Second Wind gives consigners confidence that your treasures are in good hands and your account will be handled in an accurate and professional manner. With great merchandise and a friendly staff, Second Wind will top your list of favorite shopping destinations.
661 Deale Rd., Deale, 410-867-0480, ­www.secondwindconsignments.com
The Shops at Ogden’s Commons: Calvert County’s newest destination of choice for savvy home décor shoppers looking for unique and vintage items inspired by the region’s coastal, farming and industrial heritage. Open the second weekend of each month: Fri. 3-7pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 10am-3pm.
2990 Parkers Creek Rd., Port Republic, 443-532-5981, Facebook: The Shops at Ogden’s Commons
SMECO (Southern Maryland Energy Cooperative) is a customer-owned electric cooperative providing electricity to over 160,000 services in Calvert County and southern Maryland.
888-440-3311, www.smeco.coop
A Vintage Deale: A group of well-established vintage and antique dealers have moved from Annapolis to Deale to better showcase vintage items as current home furnishings, lighting and accent pieces with European flair.
655 Deale Rd., Deale, 443-203-6157, www.facebook.com/avintagedeale
Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm: A labor of love for 37 years, Willow Oak cultivates a wide range of flowers and greenery, all without chemicals. We are a little different than the normal garden center. We are a sustainable farm and also offer classes and workshops year-round. We strive to offer the best varieties of many native and heirloom flowers and unique herbs at a fair price.
8109 Telegraph Rd., Severn, 410-551-2237, 
Wimsey Cove Framing & Fine Art Printing: A full service frame shop offering high-quality conservation framing for artwork, memorabilia, diplomas and certificates, now in the Annapolis Design District. Owner and framing designer Elizabeth Ramirez is an artist with 22 years experience in the business. Our service is personal and turn-around fast.
209 Chinquapin Round Rd., Annapolis, 410-956-7278,