From Our Readers

Dear Editors, 

As I struggle to save every caterpillar I can in my little monarch butterfly sanctuary in my yard, I then drive up Route 2 and see a beautiful patch of milkweed, which the monarch caterpillars are completely dependent on, has just been chopped down.  This, in the height of egg laying and caterpillar season for the monarchs.  I am pleading with you to include an article in the Bay Weekly on the plight of the monarch, in hopes of educating people in this area to think twice before they spray for mosquitos, or chop down their weeds, this time of year, in order to help save this beautiful endangered species. 

I can’t fix all the problems in the world, but maybe, just maybe, I can save one little butterfly. 

—Judie Wilson 

Editor’s note: Yes, Ms. Wilson. We plan on writing about the amazing monarch migration very soon and we thank you for watching out for our winged wonders.