Get Ready to Have Fun

Here at Bay Weekly, we’re eager as elves at Santa’s workshop the week before Christmas.
    It’s not just that a big project is nearing its celebratory conclusion, though that’s certainly part of the energetic anticipation we’re feeling.
    101 Ways to Have Fun: Your Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay has kept us focused long and hard, and we’ll be tucking it in our regular issue on May 26, just a week away.
    But more than finishing 101 Ways, we’re excited about giving it to you.
    Sure, you’ll learn a thing or three in reading and living these Ways. But learning these Ways won’t hurt a bit, I promise.
    I’m so jazzed that I can’t wait another week to let you see on your own. I’ve got to tell you just a little bit about what’s coming your way in Bay Weekly on the Memorial Day gateway into summer.    
    You’ll learn how to fish. Sporting Life columnist Dennis Doyle writes for beginners — both adults and kids — and devotees — giving very specific instructions on how to catch the fish and crabs he’s always bragging about catching.
    You’ll learn how to cook Chesapeake cuisine, too, from fish, crab and oysters to Lady Baltimore cake and Black-Eyed Susans.
    You’ll also learn where and how to shop for the freshest, most flavorful local foods.
    You’ll learn how to wander. Our wandering Ways give you goals, but how you get to them is up to you. Want to discover the ideal crabcake? We tell you what to look for — but not where to look. Want to amble? We tell you where the trails are.
    You’ll learn the secrets of where to spy a horseshoe crab — and why you should want to. All the places you can see movies by moonlight — and what’s playing. Where to crew or catch a wave or make like an explorer, archaeologist or palentologist.
    You’ll learn how to get to the water. We know where the beaches are, and what you can do when you get there. We know, and we’re telling. Where the sharks’ teeth are. Where the dock bars are. Where to paddle, and where to get cool in the pool. How to take the sting out of a sea nettle.
    You’ll learn how to make the most of summer’s many festivals. Jousting, listening, eating, Hon-ing acculturating — you could follow our Guide to festival fun every weekend of summer.
    It’s been our pleasure, Bay Weekly writers and me, learning all this so we could pass it on to you. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.
    So mark May 26 on your calendar, and route yourself first thing to your favorite Bay Weekly pick-up spot. Because that’s the only week — and Bay Weekly is the only place — you’ll find 101 Ways to Have Fun.
    Then, let the fun begin.