Have a Heart, Do Your Part

The power of many hands will be called upon this weekend in Annapolis. Neighbors, coworkers, family and friends are banding together to transform different sections of the city with a pop-up cleaning event on Sunday, February 23.

The City of Annapolis, Annapolis Green and local homeowner and business associations will hold the Have a Heart, Do Your Part campaign to capture litter and debris on land and roadways before it hits our beloved waterways.

You can pick up trash in your ward, neighborhood or business district from 2-4pm and then relax at a celebratory reception at Annapolis Market House.

The clean-up is modeled after the successful Eastport Civic Association’s NeatStreets event.

“All last summer, neighbors picked an area that needed attention in Eastport,” says Elvia Thompson, president and co-founder of Annapolis Green, which brings together environmentally-minded groups and individuals. “Fifty to one hundred people would show up. And you can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time with that many people.”

Funded by a grant through Keep Maryland Beautiful, Have a Heart is looking for team leaders and volunteers.

“We are happy to pair you with a group,” says Lynne Forsman, co-founder of Annapolis Green. “We are hoping that this event starts a synergy that keeps going.”

If you can’t make it out on Sunday, you can still do your part.

“Take responsibility for even just the area in front of your house,” Thompson says. “The gutter, the sidewalk. Have a pride of place.”

To volunteer, send an email to [email protected]