Inspired Connections to Chesapeake Country

Abstract Flag Of Ukraine

By Kathy Knotts, CBM Bay Weekly Managing Editor

Welcome to Women’s History Month in Chesapeake Country, where women are always making history. In this issue of CBM Bay Weekly we’ll introduce you to local women who are killing it in sports. In business. In international diplomacy. And as we meet these inspiring community members we’re reminded that we can take actions to help the world, too.

As I was digging into writer Molly Crumbley’s story on Fulbright Scholars from Calvert County, I stumbled upon a comment that hit me in the gut. One of the scholars, Dr. Lora Harris, is currently working in Finland. She mentioned how the situation in Ukraine feels different in that part of the world. And just like that, I saw that there was a real connection between the people of Chesapeake Country and the people of Ukraine.

Chesapeake Country has a heart for helping. We witness it time and time again. The invasion in Ukraine is just one more impetus for kindness and compassion.

The Irish Restaurant Company, headed by co-owners Anthony Clarke and Michael Galway, is currently collecting donations to assist Ukrainian refugees and their host families in Bohunice, Slovakia, which like many other countries is seeing an influx of people fleeing the invasion. Each of their restaurants, Brian Boru, Galway Bay, Pirate’s Cove, and Killarney House, are accepting donations either in-person or via their online ordering sites. Charity dinners will follow soon. The goal of $2,500 is to provide 50 euros a month to four refugees and their host families.

Another big-hearted organization, the Parole (Annapolis) Rotary Club, has announced a special pop-up book sale to benefit Ukrainian relief efforts this weekend. If you are familiar with their Books for International Goodwill (or BIG) program, you know that it’s a great time to stock up on books of all sorts at bargain prices. Normally the profits are used to pay to ship books overseas. Their last book sale raised nearly $19,000, and Steve Frantzich, B.I.G. president, hopes to do equally well this Saturday (March 19, 8am-noon). Half of the profits raised will go to humanitarian aid.

Spring has sprung around the region. When you are out and about this weekend, be sure to stop by one of the Irish restaurants and make a donation. Or do some birthday or holiday shopping and buy some books and make an investment in global kindness. The world is hurting in a number of ways. Let’s do what we can to provide some comfort. If you know of other efforts to aid Ukraine, please feel free to send them to us.

Kathy Knotts is managing editor for CBM Bay Weekly. Reach her at [email protected]