Keep the Cats Meowing

Dear Bay Weekly:
    I enjoyed your article on the cats meow Some years back I did cat rescue work with Linda Brown, a friend on the SPCA board. Together we neutered a lot of Eastport cats and found territories where they could be looked after. A network of residents around the city provided  health care services  for street cats out of their own pockets.
    Eastport is a waterfront community. Waterfront attracts rats. A smart self-respecting rat does not share territory with cats.
    Calvert county is a waterfront community. The cats serve a purpose.
    Remember the history of the plaque in Europe 500 years ago? Cats, accused of witchcraft, had been wiped out and the plague -carrying rodents were supreme.
    A decade ago in the southwest U.S., posters urged people to protect cats and other rodent-eating animals as a defense against disease.
    Hope Calvert gets the message.

–Ellen Moyer, Annapolis