Keeping Our Heritage Alive

       Critical mass is that amazing moment when what wasn’t suddenly is. In physics, it’s the moment matter turns into the energy of a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Critical mass happens all the time in life, too, from falling in love to …

         To creating a community of “places to experience — to see, hear and even taste –— the authentic heritage of Maryland in ways that you cannot experience anywhere else.”

         Achieving that mission — the goal of Maryland’s 13 state-funded heritage areas — is what the Four Rivers Heritage Area has done for Annapolis, London Town and South County.

         That magic happens because of the contributions of many partners, executive director Carol Benson explains.

         Annually, the year’s high achievers are honored with Heritage Awards.

         This year, Bay Weekly is among the timely stars, named Sponsor of the Year.

         Here’s why, explained by nominator Jeff Holland, West/Rhode Riverkeeper.

         “I nominated Bay Weekly for their media sponsorship of the Chesapeake Music Festival,” Holland said. “Bay Weekly has promoted cultural heritage events over the decades. This coverage has been of great benefit to countless nonprofit organizations, each one of which is doing good work for the citizens of Anne Arundel County.”

         Thank you, we say. This recognition that we’ve lived up to the mission of reflecting and unifying this swell place is especially sweet this year, when we say mission accomplished.

         Other celebrants are:

         Tourism Collaboration: African-American Voices, Memories, and Places: A Four Rivers Heritage Trail

         Heritage Professional: Rachel Lovett, Curator and Assistant Director of Hammond-Harwood House

         Heritage Volunteers: Craig Biggs and Dennis Krizek of the Annapolis Maritime Museum

         Heritage Partnership of the Year: Chesapeake Music Festival — Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Arundel Rivers Federation and partners

         Legacy Event: Model Boat Builders of South County exhibit

         Stewardship: Annapolis Green’s lecture series, Tread Lightly: Climate Change & You

         Public/Private Initiative of the Year: Smith Price: The Homecoming – Reparation, Reunion and Reburial

         Patricia Barland Leadership Award: Dale Glenwood Green