Letters: Another crabcake hack

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Florida for past 20 some odd years, but I was born in Annapolis and grew up there. So I know a thing or two about a good crabcake—no restaurant crabcake is as good as my moms. Actually my mom was the one who sent me your article on the tofu crabcake. 

I’ll admit, I’ve never tried a tofu crabcake. But I’ll tell you what you really need to try instead of tofu— heart of palm! The texture is so similar and it has a really nice light flavor. 

I have used it in my mom’s recipe before and they were great! Just give them a chop to get close to size of the crab meat. I found that two cans was the perfect amount in place of 1lb of crab meat. I think they cook best in the air fryer or under the broiler. 

The taste is not EXACTLY the same… but it’s pretty close!

Here’s a photo of some I made recently. I couldn’t resist and dug right in before with took a photo! Enjoy!

–Mike Taylor