Lineage, the new year’s first show at the [email protected] Gallery in North Beach, is telling secrets out of school.
    Its painters, photographers and potters are the Southern High School art teachers, joining forces in their first faculty-only show.
    On opening day, Southern High School students and alumni swelled attendance. To see their teachers’ other lives, National Art Honor Society vice president Mary Watts joined alumni Cat Allen and Tyler Mills, both past Best of Show ArtQuest winners.
    Caroline Van Sicklin’s photos take visitors inside the Vermont summer home built by her father and grandfather. Marlene Kramer’s clay portraits of familiar dogs are as whimsical as her personality. Amanda Hagerman’s jewelry looks just like what she wears. Libby Kozlowski pottery uses the same techniques she teaches.
    The only art department outsider is landscape photographer William Thayer, a music-turned-technology teacher at Southern. A member of the [email protected] collective, he organized the show.
    “It’s an opportunity for students to come see us not just as teachers but also as artists in a professional setting,” said art department chair Michael Bell, whose paintings are on view.
    The rest of us just might enjoy the art for art’s sake.

Showing thru January 28 Th-Su 11am-6pm: [email protected]