Many Hands Make Light Work

Nine-hundred fifty-eight issues in 19 years would be heavy lifting, were it not for all the people who’ve carried part of the load of Bay Weekly since our birth as New Bay Times on Earth Day, April 22, 1993.
    Each year at this time, I page back through our 19 leather-bound volume books. Each one of them making heavy lifting — not only for all the newsprint pressed in them, nor for all the words typed on that yellowing paper. The memories are heavier still, revived with each name I read, until I am carrying so many that I cannot hold them alone.
    So I put them down here — as many as this page can manage and knowing I will miss so many.

A Steven Anderson, Nate Anderson, Tricia Acton, Stephen B. Armstrong, Stacy Allen, Donna Ayres, Elizabeth Ayres, Sandy Lee Anderson, Rose Anderson

B Bill Burton, Stephanie Barrett, Mark Burns, Ariel Brumbaugh, Sharon, Sarah and Mary Brewer, Mick Blackistone, Mary Catherine Ball, Martha Blume, Kat Bennett, Janice Booth, Kenny Bernard, Martha Lee Benz, Heather Boughey, Chris Benton, Joe Barry

C Evan Christman, Kimbra Cutlip, Helen Chappell, Kim Cammarata, Christina and Angelia Crayle, Stephanie Chizik, Ralph Camardo, Steve Carr, Michelle Cole

D Chris Dollar, Darcey Dodd, Connie Darago, Jennifer ­Dawicki, April Falcon Doss, Allen Delaney, Alan Doelp, Dotty Holcomb Doherty, Dennis Doyle, Katie Dodd

E Amy Ellsworth, Jane Elkin, Wally Everett, Eric Edstrom

F Ely Flam, ML Faunce, Edgar Allen Faine, the How-to Cowboy; Kathy Flaherty, Jessica Fox, Pam Folderauer

G Michael Gaunt, Jim Gibbons, Carol Glover, Christy Grimes, Guy Guthridge, Bay Gardener Frank Gouin, Rob Goszkowski, Ashley Goodman, Leigh Glenn

H David Hawxhurst, Aloysia Hamalainen, Kristin Haggert, Marnie Hansen, Nancy Hoffmann, Pat Harder, Christopher Heagy, Jim Hunt, Clara Gonzalez de Hall, Tom Hensler, Claire Hinckley

J Kathy Johnson, Jonesy Jones, Valerie James

K Nathaniel Martin Knoll, Don Kehne, Kevin Kohler, Amy Kliegman, Joseph Kelly

L Sonia Linebaugh, Amanda Lofton, Sara (Ebenreck) ­Leeland, Louis Llovio, C. Blair Lee, Jim Lyles, Lali, Valerie Lester, Bonnie Leftowitz

M Carolyn Martin, Mark and Kim McCaig, Ray Mudd Jr., Justin McCabe, Amy Mulligan, Vicki Marsh, Kathleen Murphy, Carrie Madren, Maureen Miller, Helena and Gene ­Melnitchenko, Alex Murray, Mike Mullican, Al McKegg, Ben and Cathy Miller, Ellen Moyer, Bob McDaniel, Bebe Murry, Linda and Tom Murphy, Richard Miller, George Moon Jr.

N Annette Najjar

O Kitty O’Dowd

P Russ Pellicot, Pat Piper, Rachel Presa, Jonathan Parker, Matthew Thomas Pugh, Gary Pendleton, Cristi Pasquella, B.C. Phillips, Michelle Petro

Q Allison Quattro Blahut

R Donna Reifsnider, Bethany Rodgers, Ricky Rood, Rachel Rabold, Marilyn Recknor, Amy Russell, Elisavietta Ritchie, Gretta Radford, Dave Ropiski

S Kristin Sohr, Lee Summerall, Audrey Scharmen, Bryan Shipman, Movie Professor Doc Shereikis, Eric Smith, Lauren Silver, Steve Seymour, Lori Sikorski, Alice Snively, Lynn Teo Simarksi, Michelle Steel, Erin (Huebschman) Sakalas, Aubree Stafford, Janice Lynch Schuster, Erica Stratton, Marilyn Snowden

T Doug Truitt, Cindy Thomas, Margaret and Tom Tearman, Ben Tausig

V Louise Vest, Peter and Kate Vonderheide

W Bob Weckback, Jennie Wierschem, Janie and Arthur White, Joachim Wintermute, Sarah Williams, James ­Walter, Brianne Warner, Dick Wilson, Bill Wohlfield

Y Ralph Young, Abby Ybarra

Z Liz Zywiltis, Valerie Zumstein, Grant Zeigenfuse, Judy ­Zelsman


Sandra Olivetti Martin

Editor and publisher; [email protected]