MD Offers Senior Call Checks for Those Staying Home

People 65+ Can Opt in for Daily Welfare Phone Calls 

If you are an older adult in Maryland heeding warnings to stay inside, the state of Maryland wants to check and make sure you’re doing okay. 

Anyone 65 and older who owns a phone (cell and/or landline), the state’s Department of Aging urges you to sign up for its free welfare check phone service during this period of COVID-19 isolation.  

Maryland is the first state in the country to start a service like this. If you opt in, you’ll receive a daily phone call during a predetermined hour between 8am and 4pm. If you don’t answer, the automated call tries three times and then notifies an emergency contact selected during sign-up. It could be an adult child, neighbor, or loved one who would be encouraged to check on you. As a last resort, local law enforcement would make a welfare check in person. 

The Senior Call Check program will also provide messages and updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. You can enroll and begin the call service within 24 hours. To sign up, call toll-free 1-866-50-CHECK (1-866-502-0560) M-F 8am-5pm and Saturday 9am-3pm or register at

-Meg Walburn Viviano