Mourning One of Our Own

Bill Vance and Max delivered to western and northern Anne Arundel County, including a stop at Crunchies Natural Pet Foods in Crofton, where Max had been a rescue awaiting a home. Bay Weekly file photo.

Please join the CBM Bay Weekly team in remembering former delivery driver Bill Vance, who died March 31. Vance delivered papers weekly from December 2013 through June 2018 on a 100-mile route through Severna Park, Arnold, Crofton and Bowie, often with a canine co-pilot. 

“It’s a long haul, but Bill was slow and steady each week,” says Alex Knoll, editor emeritus. “Filling in for him dropping off papers, people would ask, ‘Where’s Bill?’ He was missed then, and he’s missed now.” 

“I owe a lifelong debt of gratitude to Bill Vance,” says Sandra Olivetti Martin, editor emeritus. “For years, he literally carried out Bay Weekly‘s mission, delivering our papers faithfully, truly and cheerfully to waiting readers. I remember gratefully that on his Thursday mornings to pick up his papers, he delivered humor, good ideas and candy to the Bay Weekly office. Bill made our family richer, and without him we are poorer.” 

William “Bill” Vance was born on September 8, 1937 in Baltimore. He is survived by his loving wife of 56 years, Kathleen “Kitty” Vance.