Moving History

Dale Thomas, proprietor of Nice & Fleazy Antiques in North Beach for 42 years, is in the early stages of planning his exit from the densely packed store that’s a must-stop on every antiquer’s list.
    “I have made it quite public for a long time that I think this would make a perfect center for performing arts,” says Thomas.
    “But as for anything immediate, it is not.”
    Thomas gives two reasons that he’s not going anywhere yet.
    One is his desire for the antique stores that share his property to continue at their own pace. The second: He hopes for future development “in the heart of the town” to encompass two properties across Seventh Street, now owned by Warren Bros. Construction.
    “So,” says Thomas, “I’m ready to be here a while to make transition easy.”
    No obstacle at all, according to Thomas, is what to do with the tens of thousands of objects crowding his store.
    “This stuff could be disposed of in such a short period of time. If you ever go to Dixon’s Furniture Auction over in Crumpton, you’ll know what I mean.”