No Swimming

Photo by Betsy Kehne.

Swimming, Water Contact Warning Off South River Due to Sewage Overflow

A sewage spill in Edgewater has prompted the Anne Arundel County Health Department to close Boyds Cove and post warning signs against swimming at the Cape St. John Community Beach. 

The health department says 17,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed from a10-inch main on Cape St. John Road Saturday, July 25. The county’s Department of Public Works says 6,000 gallons of sewage was recovered and 11,000 entered a storm drain, dumping directly into Rams Branch at the headwaters of Boyds Cove off the South River. 

People are being told not to swim or have direct contact with the water in Boyds Cove until after August 1. If you do come in contact with the affected water, wash well with soap and warm water immediately, and wash any clothing as well. 

The health department says the closure is for Boyds Cove, but warning signs are also posted at the Cape St. John Community Beach while the beach is being sampled to see if the sewage overflow had an impact there, as well. 

You can get updates on Anne Arundel County waterway closures via email at or by following the health department on twitter at @AAHealth_Water.