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Vol. 8, No. 20
May 18-24, 2000
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Birthday Good Times Linger

Dear Bay Weekly:

Your seventh anniversary Birthday Bash at Surfside 7 was great. I’ve already had one bottle of wine from the case I won at the silent auction. It was really good. My guests were wild about it.
Do it again next year.

—Kim Cosner, Silver Spring

Safeway Supporter Speaks Up

Dear Bay Weekly:

Let’s talk about fairness for Safeway. I am so tired of certain groups hiding behind the wetland theory. Would you be living in your home today if those before you did not build because of wetlands? I think not!

Take a moment to consider the very names of the roads: Muddy Creek, Mill Swamp — and don’t forget Swamp Circle!

Safeway has a marvelous plan for its new store as well as more than adequate floodplain management.

Instead of listening to the loud voices of Safeway’s opponents, get in touch with Safeway officials. They will be happy to address any questions you may have. Their soft-spoken words speak volumes.

—Denise Guy, Churchton

Dept. of Corrections

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Thrives …

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed reading your “Behind Bay Weekly” [April 20-26]. It’s always fun to see the faces behind a publication. Reading the last paragraph in the item about contributing writer Audrey Scharmen, however, I was shocked to learn, as you can imagine that my magazine is “now defunct.”

I have investigated this matter thoroughly (I looked down the hallway to make sure everyone was still here) and I can assure you that Chesapeake Bay Magazine is anything but defunct. It is exceedingly funct, in fact — stronger than ever after 28 years, with 42,000 loyal subscribers.

No hard feelings; Lord knows, I know how these things happen.

—Tim Sayles, Editor,
Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Bay Weekly Editor Pleads Sleeping at the Wheel

Editor’s note: He’s right. Audrey Scharmen has written for both Chesapeake Bay Magazine, which is alive and kicking, and Outdoors in Maryland, which is now defunct. We apologize, blaming our misstatement on the typographical error of a deleted line.

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