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Vol. 9, No. 1
Jan. 4-10, 2001
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Confederate Prisoner Remembered

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks so much for the article on the ghosts of Point Lookout ["The Legends of Point Lookout," Vol. VIII No. 42: Oct. 19-25, 2000]. My cousin in North Carolina is researching his favorite ancestor, Lindsay George Lewis, who was held prisoner at Point Lookout in the spring of 1865.

Below is the excerpt from the "Co.D, 63rd Regiment N.C.T. (5th Regiment N.C. Calvary.) I've also sent a copy of a photo of George in his Confederate uniform.

Lewis, Lindsay George, Private

Born in Stokes County where he resided and enlisted in Lenoir County at age 23, September 13, 1862 for the war. Deserted July 31, 1863 and returned October 25, 1863. Reported on July-August 1864 muster roll as "absent without leave since April 10, 1864." Ordered transferred to Company B 13th Regiment NC Troops (3rd Regiment NC Volunteers) March 24, 1865, but it appears that the transfer was never completed as he was reported on Federal Provost Marshall records as a member of this company when he was captured on the South Side Railroad, Va., April 2, 1865 and confined at Point Lookout, Maryland, until released after taking the Oath of Allegiance June 28, 1865.

Thanks again for the article.

-Sue Burton, Dunkirk

Bay Laurels for Pat Piper

Dear Bay Weekly:

Pat Piper is a good neighbor, a committed environmentalist and a fine writer. I came home from Christmas dinner at my daughter's home, and there on my front steps in Rose Haven was an autographed copy of Larry King's book Anything Goes! What a great end to a great day! I finished reading it yesterday, Maud has started it, and my son and daughter are next in line.

It's a fun read and most enlightening. Thank Larry King (and Pat Piper) for NAFTA. And thank them, too, for a new way of looking at politicians and involving the public in the political process in an incredible time.

Pat has known a lot of great people; but I have never, ever heard him drop a name. I hope that when he retires he will do what Marlin Fitzwater did in a speech in Deale: Tell us about the famous people he has met and what he thinks about them. I also hope he writes a book on protecting the environment of the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you, Pat, very much.

-Tom Gill, North Beach

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