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Vol. 9, No. 13
March 29-April 4, 2001
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Re. Rehm: Last Call for Tickets

Dear Bay Weekly:

You did a nice job with your cover and interview with Diane Rehm ["Bay Weekly Interview: NPR's Diane Rehm, Vol. IX, No. 12: March 22-28.] It's helping us sell tickets to hear her when the woman behind the voice visits Chesapeake Country at our March 31 Authors by the Bay lecture and book signing. We still have lecture tickets available for $30. Readers can still buy them, ahead of time at the Prince Frederick Library or at Calvert Marine Museum. Call the library till 5pm Saturday to check on availability at the door: 301/855-1862.

-Pat Hofmann, Director, Calvert County Libraries

More about Editorials

Dear Bay Weekly:

It is a fine editorial on Miller v. Owens & Safeway ["In the Safeway Saga, Mike Miller Writes a Chapter," Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21]: balanced and constructive, as our neighbor Bruce Bauer said.

-Christopher May, Deale

Where's Bay Weekly - and Best of the Bay?

Dear Bay Weekly:

How can a reader see articles from past issues? I remember that your newspaper had a survey in the March 1–7 edition for the Best of the Bay. I missed the March 8–14 edition, and when I picked up the March 15–22 edition, no mention of the survey results was in the paper. Were the survey results posted in the March 8 - 14 edition or have they been posted yet?

On another subject, I get my copies of Bay Weekly from the Calypso Bay Restaurant/Sports Bar. As a reader when you were New Bay Times, I remember you used to show the locations where the paper was dropped off for free distribution on the first page or last page, I can't remember. Is it somewhere in the new paper and I did not find it?


-Howard Dew, Dunkirk

Editor's Note: You'll find readers' results on the Best of the Bay at the end of April. Is your ballot in? There's still time through this week to have your vote count.

Yes, we have in the past printed our distribution spots. Now, at over 400, it's so long that there isn't room. If you call the paper (410/867-0304) we'll help you find a nearby spot to pick up the paper when your regular spot is out. Or find us each week on the web.

What Was that Bird?

Dear Bay Weekly:

I'm wondering if anyone else saw the huge bird killed at the side of the road off Route 4 Monday, March 19, during the morning commute. I have never seen one like it. It was the strangest thing, about two or two and a half feet with under-feathers a blackish and white pattern like a hawk or owl. By the time I had recovered my wits enough to pull over (and managed to do so without being hit by outraged commuters) I was way down the road, and being the world's worst backer, I did not get back to try to figure it out. It haunted me all day, both seeing something like that majestic bird killed and completely mystified as to what it was. If anyone can enlighten me, I'd be interested.

-Billie J. Hinnefeld, North Beach

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