Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 19
May 10-16, 2001
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Don’t Get Crabby About New Rules

Dear Bay Weekly:

With the help of a wonderful team of people, Calvert Animal Welfare League is moving forward with building a private animal shelter. Our state legislators approved $75,000 for our capital campaign April 9. We owe a great deal of thanks to Del. George Owings, Del. Tony O'Donnell and Sen. Roy Dyson for pushing hard for this bond bill. With Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller's support and many letters, e-mail and personal contacts made by many friends in our community, our state representatives knew that this bond bill was important.

With county support also needed, another $42,000 was approved by our county commissioners on March 27. Thanks to Commissioners Doug Parran, Barbara Stinnett and Bobby Swann for their strong support. Their votes gave us the $42,000. Commissioners Hale and Kelley voted no, but they are supportive of our plans to build a facility in our county.

We need your help, too. This is the time of year to join, donate time or supplies, volunteer, give money and get involved. Our Spring Bash on May 12 at the Prince Frederick Rescue Squad starts with a yard sale at 8am and ends with an all-you-can-eat shrimp feast and DJ in the evening.

-Jo Moorer, Huntingtown; President: Calvert Animal Welfare League

Biking Dangerous Roads

Dear Bay Weekly:

I regularly read your excellent publication and of course like the price you charge. Just a comment on your editorial for the April 26 to May 2 issue [Vol. IX. No 17: "On Country Roads, Recipe for Peaceful Co-Existence"].

At the risk of barking up the tree of goodness, I question why those folks were bicycling on such a dangerous road. I am familiar with the road where the accident took place. It is very narrow, with no shoulders in many places and has some very limited-sight distances. Not the sort of transportation corridor to be safely shared by cars, trucks and bicycles.

People need to use common sense on roads that are so obviously not designed for small vehicles incapable of traveling near posted speeds. Special procedures, like closing the road to motorized vehicles, should have been followed if bicycles were to be used on this kind of road. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt.

-Floyd Johnson, Sunderland

Amazing Range

Dear Bay Weekly:

After Gary Pendleton's article mentioning the Maryland Ornithological Society "Yellowbook" [Vol. IX, No. 11: March 15-21, "In Season: Fox Sparrow"], I am writing to inform you that we received requests for about 25 copies from Harwood, Pasadena, Windsor Mill, Reistertown, Bowie, Solomons, Arnold, Davidsonville, Annapolis, Edgewater, Lusby, Dunkirk, Silver Spring and Port Republic.

Thank you very much for writing and printing the article and for calling attention to this publication.

-Larry Fry, Pylesville

Editor's note: To order your own Yellowbook, also known as Field List of the Birds of Maryland, send a check for $3 to Larry Fry, MOS Executive Secretary, 1202 Ridge Rd., Pylesville, MD 21132 · www.mdbirds.org.

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