Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 24
June 14-20, 2001
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Please, No “Feet First” when Boating the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

As a fellow boater, albeit a “stink-potter,” I thoroughly enjoyed Scott Dine’s “There’s No Better way to Go than Sailing” [Vol. IX No. 23: June 7-13] Unfortunately, it was disappointing to see the leading photo display a terribly bad boating habit: dangling feet over the bow. Children and adults should not dangle their feet over the bow under sail or power at any speed. This safety hazard and others can be avoided by a series of on-board “do’s and don’ts.” Let’s encourage safe boating.

As always, your newspaper is terrific.

- Jim Cassidy, Pasadena

On St. John’s, Bay Weekly’s Best

Dear Bay Weekly:

I want to thank you and compliment Christopher Heagy on the great article about the senior oral tradition at St. John’s College [“Seniors in Spring,” Vol. IX, No. 21: May 24-30].

Everyone who met Chris was impressed with his thoughtfulness and preparation. This is unusual in reporters we deal with and certainly appreciated, since what we do here and the issues we deal with are usually complicated and often subtle.

A number of papers have done stories about the senior orals at the college - The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, The Capital, The Albuquerque Journal - but I think the Bay Weekly story is best. A reporter taking the time to actually talk with a student and to read the essay was a first for us.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. One point of incorrect history: The motto “Facio Liberos Ex Liberis Libris Libraque” is usually translated “I make free men [adults] from children by means of books and a balance.” It is a Latin pun someone made up in the late 1930s to reflect what was going on in the newly established “great books” program. The motto that is part of the college’s official seal, which dates from 1796, is “Est Nulla Via Invia Veritute”: “No way is impassable to courage.”

- Barbara Goyette: Director of Public Relations & Publications, St. John’s College

Provocative Images

Dear Bay Weekly:

The quilt Chesapeake Night Sky [Dock of the Bay: “Piecing a Path from Log Cabin to Chesapeake Night Sky,” Vol. IX, No. 21: May 31-June 6] looks like the quilt on the cover of one of my old books, Vol. II Portrait of America.

In the same issue, there is an ad for people to sell ads for your newspaper: “Superheroes Wanted.” I’m too old, and, in addition, apparently the wrong gender. The superhero in your ad is unmistakably female. Even if I changed genders, I don’t think I would measure up: She looks to be at least a 38D, a Wonder Woman Type.

- Tom Gill, Rosehaven

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