Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No. 29
July 19-25, 2001
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DUI: It’s a Crime on the Water, Too

Dear Bay Weekly:

At the height of the summer boating season, Maryland Natural Resources Police remind boaters that operating a vessel on state waterways while intoxicated or under the influence is not only extremely dangerous, it’s illegal.

Whether operating a sailboat, powerboat, personal watercraft, canoe or kayak, recreational boaters and commercial operators have a responsibility to operate vessels safely.

According to the National Safe Boating Council, more than half of the boating accidents that result in death can be traced to alcohol use. Many people associate the use of alcohol with the enjoyment of boating, and they unfortunately underestimate the dramatic effects alcohol can have on the senses. The potential for disaster greatly increases as boaters who are already influenced by sun, wind, glare, the motion and the vibration and engine noise of a vessel consume alcohol irresponsibly.

Loss of judgment is an early effect of drinking, and decreased limb mobility subsequently occurs. The ability to anticipate a hazard is lost, and careful reaction may be replaced by hesitation, indecision or worst — risk taking.

To make sure all boaters remain safe on the water this summer, boaters should designate a driver who will not be drinking and who follow safe boating guidelines on the water.

- Sgt. David C. Larsen,
Maryland Natural Resources Police

Farmers Market Well Opened

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you, thank you South County. Over 200 of our neighbors came to the opening of the Deale Farmers’ market on July 5!

We greatly appreciated the enthusiastic words of support from Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Hagner R. Mister; senator and president of the Maryland State Senate, Mike Miller; Del. George Owing; Del. Virginia Clagett; Del. Dick D’Amato; and Sheriff George Johnson. We also appreciated the invocation by Rev. Kevin Baker of Cedar Grove United Methodist Church and the executive citation read by Bea Poulin on behalf of County Executive Janet Owens. We also want to thank Joe Gibson of Sound Sensational for providing music for the event (as well as the public address system) and Food-Rite for donating water for the warm summer afternoon.

We hope to see you regularly on Thursdays, from 4 to 7pm, purchasing vegetables, fruit, herbs, baked goods and bread from our South County farmers and entrepreneurs through October 25.

- Connie Hirschman and Ann Wolfe,
Alliance for Rural Business

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