Letters to the Editor

Vol. 9, No. 3
Jan. 18-24, 2001
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Cover Up

Dear Bay Weekly:

Such a cover this week [Vol. IX, No. 2]! (Such an un-cover!) Bay Weekly is getting hip! (Or is that hips?)

As for Bay Weekly covers in general: In the past, I often have found it hard to read them because the contrast between the background color and the headlines' color/s was too small.

This time the white background made the cover page easy to read - except for the yellow headlines, which to my experienced (okay, aged) eyes were barely readable - "The Chesapeake's Independent Newspaper" - or: not at all readable - whatever is under BELL.

Print those yellows in the same color as the Bay Weekly, and I can read everything.

Thank you for your thoughtful editorial "In Chesapeake Country, Wal-Mart Wants to Hear from You." It was easy for me to substitute "Safeway" for "Wal-Mart" in your editorial, and right on, too. I hope most of your readers also do that.

-Chris May, Deale

Eulogies for Frieda

Dear Bay Weekly:

Hooray for Bill Burton, that seemingly crusty curmudgeon! He has a heart, although it is bruised and hurting from the death of his cat. Frieda Lawrence Burton crossed the rainbow bridge long before he will, God willing, but Bill knows, or can be reminded, that she is purring still, young again and in no pain. Perhaps there is a glider there, in the sun, where she waits, her paws curled up beneath her. And, in many, many years to come, again God willing, she will perk up her ears, jump down from the glider and trot over to the rainbow bridge and welcome him, where she can again lead the way home.

-Aloysia C. Hamalainen, Silver Spring

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am writing to offer my sympathy to Bill Burton on the loss of Frieda. I was especially touched by his article ["Farewell, Frieda - With My Cat, My Comfort Is Gone," Vol. IX, No. 2: Jan. 11-17] as my cat, Jasper, will be 18 in April. He is an orange tabby. Among other signs of his age, he can't jump very high anymore. Even though he seems okay, I have a feeling that I won't have him much longer.

Jasper's current pictures hang tacked to the bulletin board of favorite pets in Paws Pet Boutique on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis. I buy his toys there.

-Jackie Kluga, Annapolis

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