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Vol. 9, No.31
August 2-8, 2001
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Thanks from Noah’s Ark Wildlife Center, in Its New Home

Dear Bay Weekly:

Slightly over a month ago, the future of our beloved Noah’s Ark Wildlife Center, which provides for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife, looked hopeless. But thanks to so many wonderful people, not anymore. We are so grateful.

We cannot thank you enough for the tremendous media attention your newspaper has given us in our gravest time of need, and the fabulous outcome that was derived from everyone who has helped us.

Thanks to an outpouring of support by county government, local media and citizens, Noah’s Ark has relocated to a new county-leased facility. We have no words strong enough to thank everyone for all they have done and continue to do in making this miracle happen.

Above all, our new home would never have happened without the help of County Executive Janet Owens, Chief Administrative Officer Jerome Klasmeier, Ms. Owens’ staff, County Councilwomen Shirley Murphy and Cathleen Vitale and all the members of the county council. All these individuals, along with Dennis Callahan, Tom Donlin, Spurgeon Eismeier, Fred Schramm and Tahira Thomas worked tirelessly in finding a solution.

We want to thank everyone at Bay Weekly, and especially Bill Burton, for providing outstanding articles regarding our plight. Your staff and readers really came through for us and for thousands of wild animals we comfort and assist. So far, almost 200 citizens and support groups from Maryland, D.C. and Virginia have sent us funds totaling $17,000-plus to help with relocation.

Finally, we thank our special volunteers: Bob Douglas, Amy Holstein, Janice Kirckhoff, Tina Lorentzen and Joe and JoAnn Lamp. Also, while county youngsters everywhere were rightfully celebrating the end of school, our daughter never left our side.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. because of our wonderful supporters, our sick and injured wildlife still have hope!

We apologize for the tardiness in contacting you, but we have been literally working around the clock for the last few weeks tending all the animals and making the huge move to our new home at 580 Broadneck Road (410/626-7700). We are still in the process of moving.

- Velvet and Ted Kitzmiller, Noah’s Ark Wildlife, Annapolis

101 Ways to Have Fun; One Way to Landfill

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for “101 Ways to Have Fun.” Under #21, you mention the Millersville Landfill as a place to obtain free composting bins. Can anyone tell me how to locate the landfill? I was in the vicinity last weekend, but even the locals didn’t seem to know the location.

- Bill Wilson, Shady Side

Editor’s note: Follow I 97 to Rt. 32 west to first exit, Sappington Station Rd. Exit to right and take Crossing Road to Landfill office. On your ADC Map, it’s 13-D2. It’s open 8-4 daily: 410/222-6100 x 0.

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