Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No.34
August 23-29, 2001
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Delighted by Best of the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

I just returned from vacation and found out my Best of the Bay ballot was the lucky one chosen to win the Fresh Fields’ gift certificate.

Thank you so much. I love Bay Weekly and I love Fresh Fields. Keep up the good work.

—Christy Miller, Waldorf

Editor’s note: Thank you. Christy’s ballot was drawn randomly from the thousand-plus readers who helped us determine the Best of the Bay. We’ll do it again next year.

Where Were DJs in Ballot?

Dear Bay Weekly:

I guess you can tell by my name that I am a DJ.

I love your paper and read it every time I see a fresh copy. Thanks. My problem is there was not a place for a DJ to be voted for on ballot.

Have a nice day.
—Rock-n-Rodney, [email protected]

Editor’s note: Thank you, Rodney. Next year, there’ll be a category for fans to vote for you.

‘Music Notes’ Fills the Room

Dear Bay Weekly:

Big thanks to my favorite newspaper. Andrew McKnight and I really appreciated your “8 Days a Week” listing of our split-bill show at 49 West. With your help, we sold out the room with standing room only. And more importantly, everyone including us had a tremendously joyous evening. Thanks for truly, authentically and unconditionally supporting and nurturing your community of independent artists like myself. It’s folks like you who inspire me to continue this spiritually rich but financially marginal vocation. (And thanks to your support, that’s improving day by day.)

I love your paper and what it stands for. Unlike others, I feel soulfully connected to your pages — your articles about stars, nature and the water we all sail up each and every day.

—Musically yours, Mary Byrd Brown, Annapolis

Osprey Express Starts Here

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for your inquiry about our work at the Carolina Raptor Center, where we use a satellite tracking program to follow the movements of migrating osprey. Of all coincidences, I’m on Maryland’s Eastern Shore today, near Bozman, visiting a friend and seeing lots of ospreys.

It goes without saying that I’m delighted to learn of your interest in our project and the maps that we have on the web. I spend a lot of time making the maps, and it’s wonderful to know that they’re being used. The birds are starting to move, and I’ll have the new maps up in a few days. It’s really exciting. I’m absolutely fascinated by it and love it when I can get other people excited about it.

Best regards,
—Rob Bierregaard, www.birdsofprey.org.

Editor’s note: Osprey are the star of our paper this week. Use this web site, under the heading “Migration,” to track birds from across the country to their winter homes, which may be as far away as South America.

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