Letters to the Editor
Vol. 9, No.39
September 27 - October 3, 2001
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As We Choked, You Gave Us Words

Dear Bay Weekly:

In your recent editorial, “Under the Long Shadow of the World Trade Center Towers” [Vol. IX, No. 37. September 13-19] Bay Weekly found the words to express the disbelief and horror we all felt at the terrorist attacks on thousands of our countrymen. As we choked on our own words in the aftermath of this tragedy, Bay Weekly’s soothing, honest, hard look at our world forever changed, helped. Thank you for your perspective.

Somewhere, in a drawer at home, I have a matchbook from Windows on the World, the bar and restaurant perched on the 107th floor of 1 World Trade Center, now gone. On my only visit, I remember sipping cocktails with N.Y. friends, in a giddy, heady, top-of-the-world moment, forgetting the eerie, rumbling elevator ride that seemed to break both sound and speed barriers. Peering down, the street below was a mere thread no shadow could reach. But as your editorial reminds, we are all now “under the long shadow of the World Trade Center Towers.”

— M.L. Faunce, Churchton

In the Big Time

Dear Bay Weekly:

I have been reading endlessly about the terrorists’ attack on our country, but I wanted you to know the editorials in Bay Weekly last week, “Under the Long Shadow of the World Trade Center Towers” [Vol. IX, No. 37, September 13-19] and this week, “Where We Stand in Chesapeake Country” [Vol. IX, No. 38 September 20-26] were as insightful and masterful as anything in the national media.

Along the same line, I was at the Deale Library for a superb presentation by Marlin Fitzwater. I am in awe that someone of his national stature will spend an evening, free, to discuss his book, his role in the TV series West Wing and world events from his perspective of a key White House staffer. It was a fascinating evening. The audience was permitted to ask questions, and someone asked what was his favorite newspaper. he quickly responded, “Bay Weekly, the New Bay Times.”

— Mavis Daly, Shady Side

Reviewer Glover, Take a Bow

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am writing to thank you and Carol Glover for the excellent review you gave to the Colonial Players’ production of For Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. Carol’s review was so thoughtfully written and showed a great understanding not only of the play but of the relationships between the characters. There are so many layers to this play, and she was able to expertly write about this having seen it just once. I have seen the play five times! My daughter plays the part of Rachel, and I just can’t seem to get enough of this play.

Thank you for writing such a meaningful observation about Jessica’s performance. She and the six other cast members worked long and hard to bring this play to the stage. It has been an emotional experience for all of them. I know that everyone was thrilled with your review.

Yours truly,

— Rhonda Kaplan, Annapolis

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