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Vol. 9, No. 41
October 11-17, 2001
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Wanted: Chesapeake Deadrise

Dear Bay Weekly:

Can someone help me? I’m looking for a Chesapeake deadrise to restore, not for working. Please spread the word: if you know of a Chesapeake deadrise that is a good candidate for a weenie roast or a marsh queen, please call me at 910/296-9518, or e-mail me at [email protected].

I’m not looking for a complete ready-to-use boat, and I don’t need any equipment for fishing or any electronics. I don’t need any fishing permits, just a bill of sale.

I go through the Chesapeake Bay area, about four or five times a year, and I still do not know my way around. I keep getting sidetracked and spend too much time enjoying all the lovely sights.

Bill Leggett, Kenansville, North Carolina

Editor’s note: Find more about this famous style of boat in this week’s lead story.

How Others See Us

Dear Bay Weekly:

Having turned south off Route 50, and away from my exhausted, mind-numbing urban lifestyle, I was greeted by vibrant orange day lilies alongside Muddy Creek Road. They bob in the wind, seeming to wave hello and welcome me to Deale. Stepping out of the car, I automatically re-connected myself with the finer energies of nature.

I breakfasted at Happy Harbor Restaurant and Bar, lifeline to residents and exceptional experience to many visitors. Outside on top of the Tiki Bar is a six-foot wire fisherman sculpture overlooking the harbor. I hear he gets lighted up for the Christmas season. Opening the door, I was greeted with an inviting smile by one of the two women owners. Then I savored the flavors of the most delicious bowl of vegetable crab soup, the kind with the big lumps of backfin meat.

After breakfast, walking along the outside dock, I met Bud Jensen, a fisherman by trade and a resident of Deale for the 80 years of his life. Bud is cleaning his docked charter boat that fishes nine, though he prefers six at a time.

“The trout are scarce this year,” said Bud. “My fishing party scheduled for today has canceled on me. No need to keep their deposit, I will roll it over to another day when they can make it. I could just keep the money, you know, but that would not be right. What goes ’round comes ’round.”

Then it’s off to a day on the Bay. On the boat cruising out, I absorbed the vibrant energy all around me. With the sun shining and the wind blowing in my face, I felt the rhythm of the tide as I enjoyed the panoramic view. Passing by a buoy, I was impressed by the harmony of man and nature when I see an osprey’s nest perched on top. This magnificent bird just seems to accept our presence in its space, feeding its young, as we slowly passed by at six knots, no wake.

At the end of the day, I traveled back home in tranquillity, thankful for the hospitality and warm memories.

Eva Nelson, Arbutus

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