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Vol. 9, No. 5
Feb. 1-7, 2001
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For Frieda, Burton Scores Again

Dear Bay Weekly:

Although I give myself credit for possessing a fairly rich vocabulary, a favorite word is awesome, although I use it sparingly. However, it's time once again: Bill Burton is awesome.

Burton's "Farewell Frieda" (Vol. IX No. 2: Jan. 11-17) was not only a touching tribute to his beloved cat but also a 50-carat diamond in the vast necklace of newsprint.

Bill, I ache for your loss. I will save and savor your jewel-like poetic eulogy honoring Frieda. May it comfort you to know that, in the large community of Bay Weekly readers, you have a devoted and purring audience.

Small confession - I admit I read my horoscope first - but after Gemini, it's always Bill Burton!

-Shirley J. Brewer, Pasadena

Redskins Vigil

Dear Bay Weekly:

Hey! Where did all these Ravens fans come from? I thought this was Skins country. It's not easy for me to discard a lifetime's loyalty - even though recently we have far too often been left standing alone at the altar of victory.

My memory of an errant field goal by Miami that led to a touchdown fueling an unquenched hope of inaugural Super Bowl glory burns deep. Of John Riggins' fourth-and-one touchdown giving us our first Super Bowl win. Of Tom Landry yelling to Danny White, "no, Danny, no!" as Dexter Manley ended their Super Bowl hopes that year. Of Doug Williams and Timmy Smith's great performance against Denver. The future is now: the fun bunch, the Smurfs, the hogs, the hogettes and that glorious Redskin fight song!

The Ravens are a stolen bride from another faithful and loyal city - brought here at great cost and burden to all Maryland taxpayers to benefit only one city.

The odor of victory and glory that now emanates from the Ravens attracts many new converts. As for me, I will be standing a bedside vigil at the hospital of defeat for my beloved Redskins. My message to all of the defectors is, 'You wear your R and I'll wear mine.'

-James W. Anderson, Churchton

Super Bowl Report

Dear Bay Weekly:

My brother called Friday night from Florida to say he had two Super Bowl tickets. Did I want to go? He threw in the airline flights, so how could I say no?

Marylanders were full of joy and sporting spirit. Women subdued their purple haze, but quite a few Maryland men died their locks and sported purple camouflage pants. New Yorkers turned uncharacteristically silent after a noisy start, clammed up by the half and streaming out of the stadium by the fourth quarter to allow the Balmer crowd to enjoy the fireworks.

Tickets were in demand, and money was to be made. My brother's friend turned down a $6,000 offer for his pair of tickets. For the actual ticket price, $325, fans got a nice cushy seat emblazoned with Super Bowl XXXV, a tiny radio to tune in the commentators, a camera to blaze during halftime entertainment and a money clip - though most had not a dollar left after the pricey extravaganza.

No amount of money could match the pride fans showed for the Ravenous defending Ravens silencing the Goliath Giants. The Ravens, Ravens, ever more?

-M.L. Faunce, Churchton

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