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Vol. 9, No. 6
Feb. 8-14, 2001
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Balloting for Best of the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

I was filling out your Best of the Bay Readers' Survey and was wondering what counties (Charles, St. Mary's, Anne Arundel, Calvert, etc.) it covers? If you could let me know I'd appreciate it!

-Ingrid K Lamb, Chesapeake Beach

Editor's reply: Glad you're joining in. Our ballot box is getting fat. Our areas are Anne Arundel and Calvert counties, where Bay Weekly is distributed at more than 400 spots from Severna Park to Solomons.

More 'Main Street'

Dear Bay Weekly:

Tell comcast I'd love to watch Leigh Anne Teal's show ["Where Cable Watchers Meet Chesapeake Country's 'Utterly Talented' Lesser-Knowns," Vol. IX No 4: Jan. 24-30] Just Off Main Street here in Fairfax. This sounds much more interesting than what I have a choice of now.

-Leslie Johnson, Fairfax, Va.

Wanted: More Words

Dear Bay Weekly:

Congratulations to Mr. Allen Delaney on his interesting and informative article [Bay Reflection: "From Tinkering to Puttering: A Social Evolution," Vol. IX No 5: Feb. 1-37].

Perhaps you could write a regular article on philology dealing especially with Chesapeake Bay-related terms, for example "watermen," "skipjack," "patent tongs," etc. I suspect that many of these specialized and localized terms would not appear in the traditional Oxford English Dictionary. In fact, it is possible that there would be only oral history and tradition as source material.

-Robert Siegel, DDS, MPH; Annapolis

More Praise for Burton

Dear Bay Weekly:

I have known of Bill Burton for a fairly large portion of my life, for I believe he was an associate of my great uncle, the wildlife writer Charles Elliot. I also know and respect his daughter Heather.

I have read on the Internet his articles on OJ ["Farewell, My Fine-Furred Friend" Vol. VIII No. 42: Oct. 19-25] and Freida ["With My Cat, My Comfort Is Gone," Vol. IX No. 2: Jan. 11-17] and passed them on to friends. Without fail, his words have expressed the emotion we all feel for our pets. As I believe Freida and OJ were to Burton, my dog and cats are my companions. I celebrate every year they mark on this earth and mourne their deaths with as much grief as I did my father's. His words on my monitor express my own and so many other people's emotions for our animals. I want to thank Bill Burton for letting us into his life.

Your articles are posted on the bulletin board at my Friends Emergency Animal Clinic, where they have brought comfort to many pet owners who have had to say goodbye unexpectedly. Thank Bill Burton once again for so eloquently expressing what for most is an inexpressible feeling.

With respect and admiration,

-Wesley Wilson, Raleigh, NC

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