Letters to the Editor

Vol. 9, No. 8
Feb. 22-28, 2001
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Commiserating on Dating Pain

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for Christopher Heagy's thoughtful, well-researched, and personally generous article ("Looking for Your Valentine," Vol. IX, No. 6: Feb. 8-14). For quite some time, I have reflected on how dating has changed over the years, much as Mr. Heagy did in his article.

It seems the "dating" that previous generations knew is all but dead, having been replaced by a relatively short series of "going steady" arrangements until one "settles down." No longer does the goal of maximizing the number of short-term pairings in order to find the "right person" seem paramount. Looking at how kids congregate in packs at the mall to find Mr. or Ms. right, should we be lamenting the days of sock-hops scheduled after every football game?

In any case, as a 26-year-old single male myself, please tell Christopher that, to paraphrase our former president, I feel his pain.

-Kevin Kohler, Arnold

A Second Look at Greener Washing

Dear Bay Weekly:

The recent commentary, "Washing Greener: A Primer on Laundry in 2004,"[Vol. IX, No. 7: Feb. 15-21) presented a cynical and distorted view of government policy for new energy standards on washing machines. The author cites some potential minor inconveniences of possibly having to bend over to load these new machines, but his silence on the prospective benefits of reduced energy use is telling.

The Annapolis area has one of the worst ozone problems in the U.S. Much of this and other pollutants can be traced to the burning of fossil fuels by power plants locally and as far away as the Midwest. Reducing energy use by electricity-gobbling appliances is a good step to cleaner air, reducing lung disease and saving natural resources. Such reductions will even help to clean the Bay.

Also, I question the description of the author's employer, Consumer Alert, as a consumer organization. This group is allied with business and policy organizations that support some of the most anti-consumer ideas on the face of the planet.

-Dennis Jay, Alexandria, Va.

Short-Sighted Chuckling

Dear Bay Weekly:

I'm still chuckling over the "Way Downstream" story [Vol. IX, No. 7: Feb. 15-21 ) over the blind cod and nearsighted halibut. It's easy to tell if a fish is blind, but how do you tell if it's nearsighted?

-Bill Papian, Shady Side

Editor's note: Take it to get its eyes examined.

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