Volume XI, Issue 12 ~ March 20-26, 2003

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Not Just for Kids

Celebrate Maryland Day
by Sara Kajs

Henrietta Maria, Queen Consort of England, (1609-1669). Maryland is named in her honor.
Do you know what Tuesday is? March 25 is Maryland Day — a party celebrating the first landing of English colonists in Maryland on St. Clement’s Island in 1634. That’s 369 years ago!

Maryland Day celebrations are a century old this year. Back in 1903, March 25 was set aside so that kids and adults alike could learn about the State and its history. That’s the day in 1634 that Maryland’s first colonists left their ships, the Ark and the Dove, set foot on St. Clement’s shore and gave thanks for a safe journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

You can’t celebrate Maryland Day without remembering the Calvert family of England. George Calvert (first Lord of Baltimore) and his son Cecil (the second Lord of Baltimore) wanted a colony in the New World where they could freely practice their Roman Catholic religion. The Calverts wanted everyone who settled in Maryland to practice any religion they wanted.

(What became of the Indians who already lived here is another story.)

England’s King Charles gave Maryland to the Calverts as a gift. He asked that the Calverts pay him “rent” each year (which was two Indian arrowheads) and that they name the new colony after his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria. Hence the name Mary-land. The Calverts got a county named after them, Calvert County.

Maryland Day celebrations are divided up all over the state — including a small celebration on March 25 at St. Clement’s Island. Larger celebrations open to everyone are held on Sunday, March 23 in historic St. Mary’s City and historic Annapolis so that all Marylanders can join in the fun.

Did You Know?
What are the two ships that first landed on Maryland soil?
a) Titanic & Ark
b) Nina & Pinta
c) Dove & Ark

On what island did Maryland’s first colonists set foot?
a) Solomon’s Island
b) St. Clement’s Island
c) St. George’s Island

What religion was the Calvert family?
a) Jewish
b) Catholic
c) Protestant

What is Maryland’s state bird?
a) Dove
b) Rockin’ Robin
c) Oriole

This Week’s Kids’ Stuff

Friday, March 21
Green Eggs and Snack
Kids ages 3-5 enjoy ‘green’ snacks, fun games and a movie. 9-10am @ Southern Community Center, Appeal Ln., (off Rt. 765), Lusby: $3; rsvp: 410/586-1101.

Ready for Spring?
Kids of all ages celebrate the first day of spring w/fun activities and a sleepover in the new education building at Flag Ponds Nature Park. Bring your own sleeping bag. 6:30pm @ Flag Ponds Nature Park, Solomons Island Rd N., off S. Rt. 2 & 4, Lusby. $25 w/discounts; rsvp:410/535-5327.

Saturday, March 22
A Horse is A Horse
Kids ages 5-18 learn more about horses, riding and horsemanship at the informational meeting of a 4-H Horse Club for boys and girls. 3pm @ Reverie Acres, Parkers Creek Rd. (off Rt. 4), Port Republic: 410/535-3662 • www.reverieacres.com.

Sunday, March 23
Signs of Spring
Kids of all ages explore Jug Bay’s marsh, fields and forests for signs of life awakening from the long winter. Dress for weather; wear waterproof boot or shoes. 1-3pm @ Sanctuary Wetlands Center, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, off Rts. 258 and 4, Lothian. free; rsvp: 410/741-9330.

Owl Prowl
Kids of all ages take a walk in the nighttime world of the refuge. Listen for owls and animals who come out at night. 6-7:30pm @ Patuxent Research Refuge Visitor Center, Powder Mill Rd. off Baltimore-Washington Pkwy and Rt. 197. free; rsvp: 301/497-5887.

March 24 & 25
Rah-Rah: Cheerleading Try-outs
Cheerleaders ages 5 and up warm up those muscles, raise your voice and try out for the Calvert All Stars, a traveling, cheerleading competition team. 6-8pm today & tomorrow @ Calvert All Stars Cheer Gym, Skinners Turn Rd. (off Rt. 4), Owings. rsvp: 301/855-1899 • www.calvertallstars.com.

March 25
Fables Brought to Life
Kids 2+ learn to help others and enjoy Shoemaker and the Elves, a show about elves who help out an exhausted shoemaker under deadline. Lunch noon (hot dog or PBJ, chips, drink, and dessert) & Show 12:30pm @ Chesapeake Music Hall, Busch’s Frontage Rd., Annapolis. $12: 410/626-7515.



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