Volume XI, Issue 15 ~ April 10-16, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Wilson’s The Exception to the Rule That the Only Good Critic Is a Dead Critic

Dear Bay Weekly:
Thanks to Dick Wilson for a very fair piece of writing in his review of Twin Beach Players’ Zara Spook and Other Lures (Vol. XI, No 14, April 3). I thought he was very complimentary toward our production. I especially want to thank him for mentioning the efficiency of the set crew. Most times they are overlooked for the work they put in to support the production.

— Sid Curl: Twin Beach Players’ Producer

On Medical Marijuana, Maryland Should Prioritize Compassion

Dear Bay Weekly:
Drug Czar John Walters (“Maryland Grapples with a Weedy Issue”: Dock of the Bay, Vol. XI, No. 14, April 3) seems to feel that the truth is “irresponsible” and “immoral”.

The Darrell Putman Compassionate Use Act, which I testified in support of, will still allow the state of Maryland to send armed men into the homes of sick and dying patients, terrorize good, tax-paying citizens and even rob them of their medicine and assess fines on these suffering citizens. Mr. Walters will still be able to send his own armed forces to do the same, as well as send these patients to federal prison for a very long time, just as he continues to do in California and elsewhere.

The only real change in business as usual in Maryland will be that, for the first time, people who are put through the living hell of having their family turned upside down — for the crime of taking their medicine — will be allowed to tell the whole truth once they find themselves in court. For the first time, a judge will be able to use God-given good sense and decide merely to further punish these “criminals” by fining them $100, instead of being forced to assess more obscene penalties and jail time.

It is John Walters who is both immoral and irresponsible for demanding Maryland act with complete disregard for its most fragile and vulnerable citizens. We can do much better! I implore our governor to sign this bill into law. We must prioritize compassion over politics, or Maryland is less than the best it can be!

— Erin Hildebrandt, Smithsburg

There’s More Heritage than London Town to Southern Anne Arundel

Dear Bay Weekly:
I enjoyed Sonia Linebaugh’s article, “Waiting for the London Town Ferry” (Vol. IX, No. 13, March 27) and the remarks by Donna Ware and Greg Stiverson, who are board members of the Annapolis, London Town & South County Heritage Area.

The Heritage Area has two projects in the works in which your readers might be interested. In South County Sundays, heritage sites each take turns hosting a special event every Sunday from June 8 through August 29. Sites are Historic London Town & Gardens; Galesville Heritage Museum/Hartge’s Nautical Museum; Shady Side’s Captain Salem Avery House; and Herringon Harbour North’s historic village and Calypso Bay.

We are also producing a CD travelogue tour of South County featuring regional stories, interviews with historians, scholars, and residents, as well as original music composed by Tim Finch, Savannah Strong and Janie Meneely. An interpretive map of South County is also in the works.

For more information see our website: www.heritagearea.org.

— Donna Dudley: Executive Director, Annapolis, London Town
& South County Heritage Area

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