Volume 12 Issue 3
January 15-21, 2004

On Our Cover
George Owings III,
Majority Whip, Houe of Delegates
Del. George W. Owings III hales from Calvert County and stands firm on Southern Maryland tradition.

Bay Weekly Interview
George Owings III, Majority Whip, House of Delegates
Meet a player who knows the stakes, and consider his smart analysis of slots and the rival kingdoms of the capitol. Interviewed by Managing Editor Sandra Martin.

One for the Money, Two for the Show ~ You’d better get ready, because it’s time to go to the 34th Annual Historic Annapolis Antiques Show

Big, Bad Chemicals ~ Our drains are flushing a toxic brew into Chesapeake Bay

Doña Quixote Takes on Big Business ~ Local environmentalist urges residents to shop close to home

AA County’s 20-Acre Remedy ~ New rule minimizes sediment loss from construction sites

Way Downstream, In Anne Arundel County, efforts underway to name preserved Franklin Point the Gus Jackson Nature Preserve in honor of a local hero who died unexpectedly of malaria this month? … In Cecil County, National Fish and Wildlife Service adds Garrett Island to Susquehanna National Wildlife Refuge … from the Florida Keys, inventor John Cunningham gives us a germicidal mailbox … plus, last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: From America’s High Plains, eat more buffalo, says the National Bison Association, and you won’t be bothered by Mad Cow.