Volume 12 Issue 5
January 29 - February 4, 2004

On Our Cover
If This Is Groundhog’s Day,
It’s Time for Movie Madness
Chesapeake Chip goes to the movies.
Art by J. Alex Knoll

It’s Groundhog Day
by Bay Weekly staff
Burrow down with Bay Weekly’s annual guide to movie madness. With 33 flicks to keep you company, you’ll be glad for six more weeks of winter.

Primary Colors ~ Marylanders practice politics in New Hampshire

The Right Trees for a Righteous Mayor ~ In Annapolis, planting short trees now; power lines later

Way Downstream: In the Democatic presidential primary, League of Conservtion Voters endorse John Kerry … In Britian, busdriver makes a 400-million-year-old find: Pneumodesmus newmani … plus, last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature: For China’s Year of the Monkey, Technicolor monkey business.

Pugh’s Reviews
Xanthomatic Wins Annapolis Battle of the Bands