Volume 12 Issue 19
May 6-12, 2004

On Our Cover
Maryland’s First Lady Kendel Ehrlich
photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office

Dock of the Bay
Electronic Junk Wanted
Engineering to Imitiate Nature
Ask the Plant Professor
ArtWorks @ 7th ~ In North Beach
Way Downstream

Bay Weekly Interview
Maryland’s First Lady Kendel Ehrlich
It could be argued that Kendel Ehrlich has the more complicated job in the partnership of Ehrlich and Ehrlich, for none of her roles — political wife, first lady, mother and woman in her own right — is predefined by job description. Yet she fills them all with zest, energy and ease. Interviewed by Sandra Olivetti Martin.

We recycle more — but we waste more, too

Bill Burton on the Bay
We Old Timers Were Made Well to Last Long

Chesapeake Outdoors
Cure Spring Fever at a State Park

Guest Work
Don’t Carry Knife! Tops My Revised Checklist for Flying
by Dick Wilson

Not Just for Kids
Cicada Cadences
by Martha Blume

Shell of a Problem:A Hobson’s Choice for Beleaguered Oysters

Letters to the Editor
In Defense of Wal-Mart
Pleased to be Reviewed by Pugh
Looking to 101 Ways to Have Fun

Bay Reflections
Joanne Curran Fayette, 1964-2004
by Gary Pendleton