Volume 12 Issue 20
May 13-19, 2004

On Our Cover
Cicada Invasion
photo courtesy of Gaye Williams

Dock of the Bay
Update: Turning the Page on Parole Plaza
Ask the Plant Professor
Hunt a Bear, Paint a Bear
Artists Bring a Piece of Wye Oak Back to Life
Way Downstream

Cicada Invasion
Story by Carrie Steele.
On this 17th year, we’re expecting a few visitors. Make that a few million.Seventeen summers ago, while Ronald Reagan was president and The Cosbys still aired on primetime television, tiny cicada nymphs the size of a small-case letter went to ground throughout Chesapeake Country. Now they’re tunneling out.

Tired of fast food? Try slow food

Bill Burton on the Bay
Lighthouses are fishermen’s friends.

Chesapeake Outdoors
Give a day for the Bay.

Not Just for Kids
Why is the Sky Blue?
Story & Photo by Martha Blume

Schaefer’s Big Mac Attack; Ehrlich’s Red Meat

Letters to the Editor
Strong up Front
Making the Connection
Headed for Electoral Disaster
Help Support Troops

Bay Reflections
Hooked in the ER
by Joan B. Lehmann