Volume 12 Issue 23
June 3-9, 2004

Memorial Day Memories: Bill Gay’s D-Day
Sixty years ago, thousands of American troops began the liberation of Europe. This is the story of one of those men. by Alison Gay Norville.

A Day in the Village at Maryland Hall
for the Creative Arts
Celebrating 25 years of making each day — and many lives — festive with art.
by Sonia Linebaugh

Dock of the Bay
Share the Chesapeake
Navy Lacrosse Plays for Championship and Country
Cicada Song
Earth Journal ~ Catbird
The Plant Professor
Way Downstream

Swimming clean and green

Bill Burton on the Bay
Grumpy and Bill’s Bargain Adventures

Chesapeake Outdoors
The Waste-Not, Want-Not World of Wild Things

Ariakensis: The Answer or Frankenstein’s Oyster?

Letters to the Editor
Answers Needed before Calverts a Second LNG Pipeline
Thanks from the Calvert Chamber of Commerce

Feeling the Heat
by Jim Motavalli and Ross Gelbspan

Chesapeake Destinations
Annapolis Greek Festival
by Louise Vest

Music Previews
Bonnie Raitt at Calvert Marine Museum’s Waterside Festival.
by Pamela Murray Winters

On Our Cover
The Gray Catbird illustration by Gary Pendleton